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    The information resources in Inside Malaysia are sourced from various resources available on the Internet and personal collections. The copyrights of these information resources belong to the respective owners. While the information resources may be reformatted for publishing in Inside Malaysia, every effort is made to ensure that the content remains the same as the original. However, Inside Malaysia and its contributors bear no responsibilities as to their accuracy and completeness. Readers using the information resources in Inside Malaysia do so at their own risks and are advised to verify the information from their original sources.

    Inside Malaysia shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the usage of any information obtained from this website.

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    MCT does not sell, rent, or exchange email addresses of its users and subscribers. MCT uses email addresses to send the following:
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    All MCT created, and supported email distribution lists have "unsubscribe" instructions.

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A Prezi Presentation "Introducing Inside Malaysia" is available to help users understand the novel interface used and to introduce the information relationship management facilities available. New users are encouraged to view this presentation.

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