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  1. 115 million euros in Scorpene deal not corruption, 27-07-2013
  2. 1MDB gave false documents to Singapore's BSI Bank, says Sarawak Report, 22-04-2015
  3. 2 claim trial to causing oil spill, 18-09-2013
  4. 6 civil servants working with syndicates targeted, 05-12-2014
  5. Ad Agency Says Was Asked For Bribes To Win Tourism Contract, 17-03-2011
  6. Adenan: All involved in graft will face wrath, 18-11-2014
  7. AG's Report RM25.8m consultancy fees, RM300K overseas trip claimed under MERS, 02-10-2013
  8. Alam Flora: We're not responsible for spillage, 01-09-2013
  9. Altantuya murder case: Court overturns guilty verdict, 24-08-2013
  10. Altantuya murder case: More questions than answers, 23-08-2013
  11. ALTANTUYA MURDER: Circumstantial evidence insufficient to sustain guilt of two policemen, 26-08-2013
  12. Altantuya murder: Ex-aide's testimony irrelevant, says Gani Patail, 23-08-2013
  13. Annuar: Inflated price and kickbacks outside of our knowledge, 25-06-2015
  14. Another US$330 million went to Jho Low, says Sarawak Report, 26-04-2015
  15. Audit of 1MDB not enough: Dr M, 14-03-2015
  16. Auditors to probe into land use in Camerons, 15-11-2014
  17. Aussie Police Seize Computers, Files Over Allegations Of Mara Property Scam, 25-06-2015
  18. Bukit Relau: Tycoon breaks his silence, 18-11-2013
  19. CBI may have to close Aircel-Maxis case due to lack of information, 31-07-2013
  20. Close watch on illegal sand-mining site, 17-08-2013
  21. Company continues illegal sand mining despite expose, 14-08-2013
  22. 'Convictions of Azilah and Sirul unsafe', 27-08-2013
  23. Cops rule out CBT in Melbourne property deal, 29-06-2015
  24. Corrupt Malaysia money distorts Melbourne market, 23-06-2015
  25. Council clears 11ha site, 05-12-2014
  26. Crackdown on illegal mining, 27-08-2013
  27. Datuk among 16 custom officers nabbed in MACC's widening probe on unpaid excise duties, 20-09-2014
  28. Decision on Liong Sik's PKFZ cheating trial set for Oct 25, 06-09-2013
  29. 'Diesel dumping not a new issue', 09-09-2013
  30. Diesel shortage: Monitor Community Drumming licenses, 11-08-2013
  31. DOE preparing case against 'oil spill' factory, 03-09-2013
  32. Dr M says has 'lost faith' due to corruption claims, 04-04-2015
  33. Dubious tailoring and footwear claims made by ministry staff, 02-10-2013
  34. Ex-minister Chan's trial put off again, 03-09-2013
  35. Ex-Ministry Officer Charged With Soliciting Bribes For NKRA Projects, 23-06-2014
  36. External auditors to help Telekom-Alcatel bribes probe, 04-01-2011
  37. Ex-YPM chief jailed, fined for abetment in using forged documents, 06-09-2013
  38. Felda subsidiary former CEO and director charged with CBT, 02-08-2013
  39. Fomca: Conduct probes openly, 07-10-2013
  40. Forestry dept enforcement officers to be armed with weapons, 24-09-2014
  41. Former Kontena Nasional chief charged with CBT of RM9.9mil, 09-12-2014
  42. Former minister's pol-sec probed, 18-09-2013
  43. Former PetroSaudi employee arrested in Thailand for allegedly leaking 1MDB information, 23-06-2015
  44. Former Putrajaya Corporation director jailed, fined for corruption, 05-09-2014
  45. Former Sime Darby CEO charged with CBT and cheating, 19-06-2014
  46. Former welfare fund chairman pleads not guilty to graft charges, 05-08-2013
  47. Fuel smugglers foiled in Johor, 30-12-2012
  48. Get Muhyiddin, Anwar and AG to investigate wrongdoings in report, says opposition, 02-10-2013
  49. Gloves are off for officers, 15-11-2014
  50. Govt to take 3-step action against wrong doers highlighted in AG's report, 23-10-2013
  51. Hong Kong, France join forces on Scorpene case, 23-04-2013
  52. Illegal sand mining at 'approved' site in Hulu Selangor, 12-08-2013
  53. Irrawaddy: Burmese vessel suspected of smuggling diesel fuel from Malaysia - Saw Yan Naing, 05-09-2007
  54. Johor - an illegal diesel export hub?, 10-02-2013
  55. Joint trial for Rafizi and bank clerk, 02-08-2012
  56. 'Justo went silent for 18 months before striking', 29-06-2015
  57. Karpal to call Najib and Musa Safri in Altantuya civil suit, 23-08-2013
  58. Kiosk operators, cartels siphoning off diesel', 01-08-2013
  59. Lawyer: French court to consider Altantuya murder in Scorpene case, 13-08-2013
  60. MACC clears CCM officials of wrongdoings and misconduct, 08-11-2013
  61. MACC nabs Felda subsidiary CEO over Port Dickson hotel purchase, 09-03-2015
  62. MACC opens 15 investigation papers following A-G report 2012, 06-10-2013
  63. MACC questions Alcatel officials over TM kickbacks, 07-01-2011
  64. MACC says it will 'verify' Alcatel kickbacks, 29-12-2010
  65. MACC Swings into Action in Selangor 'Sandstorm', 14-05-2010
  66. MACC unearths dodgy navy spare parts deals, 09-06-2015
  67. MACC vows to chop down illegal loggers, 01-02-2012
  68. MACC: Smuggling syndicate cost nation billions in lost revenue, 05-09-2014
  69. Malaysia to cooperate with India over Aircel-Maxis kickback claims, 11-09-2013
  70. Malaysian Maritime bust fuel smugglers carrying RM252mil in oil, 06-03-2013
  71. Man caught in illegal logging claims trial to bribing cop, 22-10-2014
  72. Manikavasagam Lodges Report over Death Threats, 15-05-2010
  73. MARA chairman says will probe alleged involvement of officials in Melbourne property fraud, 23-06-2015
  74. Mara Hands Documents Related To Melbourne Building Purchase Issue To MACC, 26-06-2015
  75. Massive silting forces TNB to switch off power stations, 14-03-2005
  76. MMEA detains two ships for illegally transfering fuel, 12-09-2013
  77. Muhyiddin: No forgiveness for Camerons culprits, masterminds, 09-11-2014
  78. Musa's absence was among main reasons that led to acquittal of two cops in Altantuya case, 27-08-2013
  79. Najib: JPA probing over 100 financial non-compliance cases, 25-10-2013
  80. Navy intercepts vessel carrying over 100 drums of smuggled oil, 22-11-2012
  81. NFC case: No deal to close probe, says CCID director, 16-01-2013
  82. NFCorp chief fails in bid to strike out CBT charges, 22-11-2013
  83. NFCorp lodges reports against Rafizi, Zuraida, 27-08-2013
  84. 'Not only jail, you'll lose property, too', 18-11-2014
  85. Officer who stole close to RM1 million in unclaimed money got off scot free, reports Auditor-General, 10-11-2014
  86. Oil spill causes water cuts to 1m consumers in KL, Selangor, 31-08-2013
  87. Oil spill: Workshop given 2 months to dismantle, 04-09-2013
  88. Ordered to stop sand mining, 15-08-2013
  89. Pahang dismisses MACC on land clearing, 11-11-2014
  90. Palanivel: A mastermind behind illegal land-clearing, 24-11-2014
  91. Paying more than they should, 02-10-2013
  92. PKFZ: Court Rejects Application To Subpoena Journalist, 11-02-2011
  93. Police officer under bribery probe over illegal logging, 23-10-2014
  94. 'Prasarana contractor not involved in water theft', 30-05-2013
  95. Property Purchase In Melbourne According To Procedures - Mohd Shafie, 27-06-2015
  96. Public wants faster and firmer action, 10-10-2013
  97. Reach: Floods and mudslide caused by several factors, 07-11-2014
  98. Restoring greenery at Pahang reserves, 23-09-2014
  99. Sand thief at it again, 26-08-2013
  100. Sarawak Report wants cyber-sleuths to confirm reports Justo tweaked PetroSaudi docs, 29-06-2015
  101. Scorpene deal architect removed early on: Suaram, 31-07-2013
  102. Scorpene deal: Jasbir must tell the truth, 30-07-2013
  103. 'Seek heavier penalty for Bukit Relau land clearing', 10-08-2013
  104. Selangor MB's former special officer gets two years and caning for cheating, 27-06-2013
  105. Selangor Sand Miners Got Fat Bonuses, Inquiry Told, 02-06-2010
  106. Selangor to counter-sue broadband firm, 17-06-2010
  107. Shahrizat's ex-political secretary says has nothing to hide, given MACC everything, 18-09-2013
  108. 'Speed up hill inquiry', 08-08-2013
  109. Stop money laundering: Guan Eng, 30-05-2013
  110. Take coordinated action to combat land encroachment in Camerons: MACC, 15-11-2014
  111. Talks to tackle diesel shortage problem, 27-08-2013
  112. Thai cops say foreign counterparts ‘welcome' to question ex-PetroSaudi director, 30-06-2015
  113. Thai police: Xavier Justo paid over RM15mil to leave PetroSaudi, 24-06-2015
  114. Thugs Arrested after Threatening Longhouse Folks, 19-02-2011
  115. TI-M lauds MACC for latest arrest of former CEO for bribery, 24-10-2013
  116. TM board, Axiata to probe Alcatel kickbacks, 30-12-2010
  117. TM probes Alcatel kickbacks, allegedly linked to 3G services, 29-12-2010
  118. TM to hand MACC Alcatel bribe report by end Feb, 02-02-2011
  119. Tourism industry in Cameron Highlands affected by illegal land clearing, says Palanivel, 11-07-2013
  120. Unauthorised land clearing caused deadly disasters, says Muhyiddin, 10-11-2014
  121. Vehicles Splashed With Paint, Kapar MP Receives Death Threat, 17-05-2010
  122. Water cut: No water crisis in Klang Valley, says Elizabeth Wong, 31-08-2013
  123. Water cut: Selayang Municipal Council raids factory suspected of causing water contamination, 31-08-2013
  124. Water thieves flush RM156,000 down the drain, 16-05-2014
  125. Why would I waste diesel when I can sell it, says workshop owner, 02-09-2013

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