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Process list
  1. Architect reveals Altantuya was never part of Scorpene deal team, 27-07-2013
  2. City folk continue to suffer without water supply, 11-01-2013
  3. Commission says it's still investigating Tajuddin, 16-12-2010
  4. Countries forced to pass through part of increases in fuel prices, 02-06-2011
  5. Criticism inaccurate: Syabas, 17-05-2014
  6. DAP Proposes Toll-Free NS Expressway by 2016, 25-02-2009
  7. ECER SEZ to create 220,000 jobs, attract RM90bn investments - Najib, 04-08-2009
  8. Felda a prudent investor, not bankrupt: Najib, 07-07-2010
  9. Focus on 4 elements to enhance security in ESSZone: Hishammuddin, 05-06-2014
  10. Foreign firms can manufacture luxury cars locally, AP to be scrapped by 2015, 28-10-2009
  11. GST implementation to add RM27bn to national revenue, 17-05-2013
  12. Kampong Bharu development corporation bill tabled in parliament, 15-12-2010
  13. Kampong Bharu Development Corporation expected to be operational in July, 15-12-2010
  14. KTMB Waiting For Double Tracking Project Consultant Report, 23-10-2008
  15. Kuala Dimensi CEO Tiong Gives Statement To Police, 10-09-2009
  16. Lynas' phase one LAMP complete, 29-08-2012
  17. Malaysia accepts 'far from flattering' graft index findings, 10-11-2010
  18. MRT feasibility study to be completed Sept Syed Hamid., 10-08-2010
  19. MRT project hard to pull off :OSK, 25-06-2010
  20. Najib launches 8-year masterplan to boost SME sector, 12-07-2012
  21. Najib launches country's first BRT, 02-06-2015
  22. Najib: Special body to be formed to coordinate PR1MA projects, 04-07-2011
  23. No decision yet whether GST will be imposed on fuel: Ahmad Maslan, 06-06-2014
  24. No need for independent commission on Scorpene : Ahmad Zahid, 27-07-2012
  25. Petrol Price Expected To Increase By 10sen, 21-02-2010
  26. PM appoints Sidek to 1MDB Board of Advisors, 29-07-2010
  27. Rail Double-tracking Job Awarded Without Tender, 03-11-2008
  28. Sarawak committed to sustainable energy Chief minister, 24-07-2010
  29. Selangor govt to take over Syabas management, 16-07-2012
  30. Sime Darby Pulls Out From Bakun Project, 25-06-2008
  31. Sime says no delay for bakun undersea cable - Aluminium smelter will wait, 12-06-2008
  32. Two senior officials suspected of corruption, 27-12-2010
  33. Unjustifiable assessment increase rates, 21-11-2013
  34. Water from mining pools containing hazardous substances: MMA, 10-05-2014
  35. Works ministry to conduct thorough review on highway tolls, 12-06-2014

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