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If you are new to Inside Malaysia, we invite you to view the following Prezi Presentation. For best effects, view it in full screen as we have included high resolution screen grabs.

You are also encouraged to view the following demo movies:
  1. Introducing Inside Malaysia
  2. List processing in Inside Malaysia
  3. Network searching

The following Demo Builder template files are also available in pdf and doc format.

Demo Builder Template Files
Title Size (KB) File Date
1. InsideMalaysia_List_Processing.doc 3,077.00 2010-08-04
2. InsideMalaysia_List_Processing.pdf 2,615.10 2010-08-04
3. Introducing_Inside_Malaysia_v1.0b.doc 5,101.00 2010-07-27
4. Introducing_Inside_Malaysia_v1.0b.pdf 4,548.88 2010-07-27
5. Network search v1.0 (doc) 1,101.00 2010-10-05
6. Network search v1.0 (pdf) 926.85 2010-10-05

Prezi Presentation
A Prezi Presentation "Introducing Inside Malaysia" is available to help users understand the novel interface used and to introduce the information relationship management facilities available. New users are encouraged to view this presentation.

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