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Content model

1. Introduction

The Inside Malaysia Content Model provides the framework for the information resources to be included and organized in the information repository. The Content Model reflects the objectives of this web site and will be modified from time to time as we learn more about the stories, issues and the requirements of the readers, researchers and our collaborators.

2. Information Resources

The information resources of the system will include the following:

  1. News items
  2. Viewpoints
  3. Other resources from official reports

These information resources will be posted against the time frame and the other headings in the information architecture as described later.

2.1. News Items
News items are the key resources to be compiled in the system. The news items will be source from established news agencies and reputable sources. Only news items that are considered newsworthy in the context of the objectives of Inside Malaysia will be included.

2.2. Viewpoints
The viewpoints to be included in the system will be analysis and evaluation of the news items in the repository related to the identified stories. They should help the readers by providing insights and background information into the stories that may not be included in the news items.

2.3. Other Resources
There are many informative reports such as the Auditor General Annual Reports, reports from Royal Commissions, government white papers, etc. These reports will be disaggregated and incorporated into the repository.

3. Categories

The news items will be posted against one or more categories for ease of reference by readers. The current categories are:

  1. Business - press releases, business events, investments, business deals and transactions. The business news will be grouped into various industry sectors.
  2. Government - government communications, initiatives and policies. Government news will also be grouped into various industry sectors.
  3. Politics - political news related to the economy and government activities.
  4. Projects - proposed, planned, implementing or implemented and progress in these projects.
  5. In Trouble - business related charges, suits, court hearings and proceedings, warnings, raids, etc.
  6. Miscellaneous - other news items that do not fit into the above

4. People

People are an important part of the stories and we need information about them in order to address the information gap. Not all people are newsworthy. For the purpose of this system, newsworthy people are people with money, power or influence on the business, social and political systems. Key players in the stories may also be included

For the ease of reference by readers, the newsworthy people is grouped into one or more of the following categories:
  1. Politicians
  2. Corporate leaders
  3. Civil society leaders
  4. Academicians
  5. Judiciaries
  6. Other stakeholders

The news items will be posted against the people currently listed in the system. Additional newsworthy persons can be added as required.

5. Organizations

Like people, organizations are an important part of the stories but not all organizations are newsworthy. For the purpose of this system, newsworthy organizations are organizations with money, authority or influence over the business and social systems. Key organizations in the stories may also be included.
  1. Ministries
  2. Government departments
  3. Government agencies
  4. Government linked companies
  5. Public and private companies
  6. Civil Societies
  7. Political parties

The news items will be posted against the organizations currently listed in the system. Additional newsworthy organizations can be added as required.

6. Stories

To help the readers make sense of the news items, related news items will be grouped together as part of a story. The stories can be related to government incentives and policies, development plans, mega projects, sick projects, fraud and criminal activities and scandals. The stories may still be evolving, dormant or closed. Viewpoints can be included to provide insights and background information for the stories as they may not be available in the news items.

To provide additional facets to the stories, the stories can be related to various social, management and technical issues, monetary scales and geographical regions.

Readers can process the news items related to the stories to view the timeline, the people and organizations involved so as to look at the stories from different perspectives. Hopefully, readers will discover deeper insights and have the means to do a fact check on any viewpoints or opinions.

Prezi Presentation
A Prezi Presentation "Introducing Inside Malaysia" is available to help users understand the novel interface used and to introduce the information relationship management facilities available. New users are encouraged to view this presentation.

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