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Civil society leaders (No. of news items)

Process list
  1. Akhbar Satar2  
  2. Azih Muda2  
  3. Azwanddin Hamzah1  
  4. Chan Ngai Weng1  
  5. Chandra Muzaffar
  6. Foon Weng Lian2  
  7. Hashim Othman3  
  8. Ibrahim Ahmad1  
  9. Ibrahim Ali8  
  10. Ibrahim Suffian2  
  11. Jimmy Lim Cheok Siang1  
  12. Lee Lam Thye4  
  13. Lim Teck Ghee3  
  14. Mohd Nizam Mahshar5  
  15. Nadzim Johan2  
  16. Paul Selvaraj6  
  17. S. M. Mohamed Idris9  
  18. S. Piarapakaran6  
  19. Syed Ibrahim Kader1  
  20. Tricia Yeoh3  
  21. Wan Saiful Wan Jan1  
  22. Wong Tack7  

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