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Process list
  1. 1Malaysia Clinics giving GPs 'migraine' - MMA chief, 26-08-2013
  2. 1MDB audit will cover all accounts, says Auditor-General, 10-03-2015
  3. 2 booted out of Dewan Rakyat for disrupting Muhyiddin's speech, 10-06-2015
  4. 90% of urban and rural centres set up with 1Bestari programme, 20-04-2014
  5. A month after GST: Customs GST director explains why there are price differences, 01-05-2015
  6. About 80 Houses Swept Away, Two Dead, Water Released From Ringlet Dam, 23-10-2013
  7. AES fines set at RM150, 19-09-2013
  8. AES helps reduce accidents, says Liow, 30-10-2014
  9. AES now under police control, says Zahid, 15-09-2013
  10. AES will be installed based on priority when govt takes over operation, 13-09-2013
  11. After millions spent, e-learning project struggles with underuse, Auditor-General report finds, 10-11-2014
  12. After subsidy cuts, inflation rate spikes and likely to accelerate, 29-10-2013
  13. AG's Report: Performance Of HDC Needs To Be Enhanced, 01-10-2013
  14. AMOs are not learning much compared to being in a government hospital, 26-05-2014
  15. Bestinet: We're not responsible for hefty visa processing fee, 29-01-2015
  16. BR1M delays balancing deficit budget, 12-09-2013
  17. Budget 2014: Consumers need not worry about price hikes on sugary products for now, 27-10-2013
  18. Cabinet panel on GST crucial, says academician, 04-05-2015
  19. Chua: BR1M payout wont lead to higher deficit, 30-10-2014
  20. Consumers to pay GST for prepaid phone cards but get extra airtime, 02-04-2015
  21. Controversial clause related to secrecy passed, 22-10-2013
  22. Court: Local council has no authority over AES, 21-02-2013
  23. Dam checks, TNB to review impact of development in surrounding areas, 29-10-2013
  24. Deadwood to get the boot, 22-05-2015
  25. Did the budget meet rakyat's aspirations?, 25-10-2013
  26. Do fine-tune BR1M before second handout, 12-06-2012
  27. Dr M: PPSMI should have been embedded in National Education Blueprint, 12-09-2013
  28. Dr M: Stop BR1M handouts, 02-10-2013
  29. Emergency motion on Sabah power cut, 26-09-2013
  30. EPF home loan scheme at standstill, 05-03-2012
  31. Execution is key, 02-10-2013
  32. Explain salary-based mechanism in detail, Government urged, 28-10-2014
  33. Flash floods hit Long Busang, 27-11-2013
  34. Funding the challenge, 25-09-2010
  35. Government To Appoint Seven Banks To Help Customs Dept In GST Implementation, 25-03-2015
  36. Govt expected confusion over prepaid reload cards, 13-04-2015
  37. Govt studying impact of GST on economy, public, 28-06-2013
  38. GST implementation to add RM27bn to national revenue, 17-05-2013
  39. GST: Domestic Trade to bring up issue of reload cards with Customs, 02-04-2015
  40. GST: I want service tax to be abolished - Hasan Malek, 13-04-2015
  41. Hasan Malek: Government will bar foreigners from patronising KR1M if locals are against it, 07-10-2013
  42. Health Ministry director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah explains, 26-05-2014
  43. High Court disallows Sepang council from removing speed cameras, 21-02-2013
  44. Idris Jala sheds light on Pemandu's functions and ETP issues, 01-12-2010
  45. Income brackets may be reviewed, 10-10-2014
  46. Income scale link to fuel subsidy, 28-10-2014
  47. Increase in prices after GST a one-off, says Customs, 14-07-2014
  48. 'Infrastructure funds given to NFC', 07-11-2014
  49. Is the list of GST zero rated-items too many to manage?, 15-10-2014
  50. Kelantan Govt Applies For Injuction Against Petronas, 22-01-2013
  51. LRT project not cause of Puchong flash flood, 19-02-2013
  52. Malaysia most corrupt country? But we have anti-bribery tools, says Pemandu, 29-09-2013
  53. Many take to social media to question how the proposed scheme would be implemented, 28-10-2014
  54. Minister defends scheme to lend EPF money to unqualified home buyers, 03-02-2012
  55. Mustapa: Malaysia to decide on TPPA in Q3 2015, 02-04-2015
  56. MyEG explains foreign-worker permit renewals, 09-01-2015
  57. MyEG gets permit job - and flak, 09-01-2015
  58. MyEG initiated due to public request, 14-01-2015
  59. MyEG rebounds as foreign workers renewal resolved, 30-04-2015
  60. myemail admits 5.4 million target tough to reach, 05-10-2011
  61. 'National Service is about unity', 29-10-2013
  62. No GST on prepaid reloads but tax on usage, Putrajaya says, 13-05-2015
  63. Original plan was for new MRT2 to start from Sg Buloh and not Selayang, 13-10-2014
  64. PAC hauls up top civil servants to answer on 1MDB, 11-05-2015
  65. PAC slams MAHB over KLIA2, 26-11-2014
  66. Petrol subsidy rationalisation system using MyKad being studied, says Ahmad Maslan, 23-10-2014
  67. Petrol's GST dilemma, 17-09-2014
  68. Phone prepaid cards revert to old prices from May, says Ahmad Maslan, 03-04-2015
  69. Players: Some targets too ambitious, 25-09-2010
  70. PPSMI not meant to improve students' English, 04-07-2013
  71. Prices up 30% since GST introduced - senator, 24-04-2015
  72. Private primary healthcare providers want in, 26-05-2014
  73. Probe into 1MDB financial misconduct now, says anti-graft group, 01-10-2014
  74. Programmes to curb human trafficking poorly done, 02-10-2013
  75. Protesters fear GST proceeds will be swallowed by corruption, say analysts, 05-05-2014
  76. 'Put housemen in K1M', 28-05-2014
  77. Question mark over Economic Transformation Programme funding, 23-09-2010
  78. Renewal of worker's permit to be fully online from May 2, says MyEG, 29-04-2015
  79. Rich Say Don't need MRT, But Poor Welcome It, 17-02-2011
  80. RM270 million paid to train teachers in English is absurd, says DAP, 21-10-2013
  81. RM3mil lost to BR1M cheats, 07-04-2015
  82. RM5 Billion Pengerang Deepwater Petroleum Terminal 1st Phase On Schedule, 27-02-2013
  83. Sarawak CM backs use of English in teaching science, mathematics, 23-09-2014
  84. 'School security guards too old', 02-10-2013
  85. Selangor puts blanket freeze on federal jobs pending AES appeal, 21-02-2013
  86. SOP set up to ensure 1Malaysia netbook quality guaranteed - Kamalanathan, 11-06-2014
  87. Spotlight on 'less popular' ministries, 07-04-2015
  88. Stubborn telco companies will be brought to court: Ahmad Maslan, 02-04-2015
  89. Study on new electricity tariff to be completed next year, 21-11-2013
  90. Telco sector biggest winner post-GST, tax absorbed by subscribers, 07-04-2015
  91. Telcos: Six months to switch to usage-based charge for prepaid, 14-05-2015
  92. US understands Bumi policy regarding TPPA: US Trade Rep, 07-05-2015
  93. When incentives go wrong, 22-10-2013
  94. YTLPower's withdrawal from power plant casts doubts on implementation, 19-06-2014

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