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Process list
  1. '1BestariNet project costs RM663m, not RM9b', 17-07-2013
  2. 1MDB a potential time bomb, magazine reports, 23-07-2013
  3. 1MDB may face loss of global investors in Tun Razak Exchange and Bandar Malaysia, 24-09-2014
  4. 825 acres of land for PR1MA, 05-07-2011
  5. A delay in biodiesel programme, 23-07-2013
  6. A win-win deal for Prasarana, Crest Builder, 02-04-2012
  7. AES will be installed based on priority when govt takes over operation, 13-09-2013
  8. AG disapproves Sabah's management of halal certs, 04-12-2013
  9. AG Report Spilt and spoilt milk, 01-10-2013
  10. AG: Acceptance letter for Education Ministry special projects delayed 2 year, 02-12-2013
  11. AG: Good marks for Terengganu, 03-12-2013
  12. AG: Kedah gets thumbs down on financial standing, 04-12-2013
  13. AG: Langkawi council's boats not used for intended purpose, 04-12-2013
  14. AG: Langkawi Municipal Council sidestepped open tender process, 05-12-2013
  15. AG: Not SMART enough training facility, 02-12-2013
  16. AG: Putrajaya bus operator suffers bigger loss, 02-12-2013
  17. AG: Sabah records 200% decline in financial performance, 03-12-2013
  18. AG: Sarawak spends 93% budget though only 18% projects completed, 03-12-2013
  19. AG: 'Sick' navy project costs govt RM10.2m, 02-12-2013
  20. AG's Report Army college project inflates to RM190 million, 01-10-2013
  21. AG's Report Grants of every kind taken for granted at ministry, 01-10-2013
  22. AG's Report Grants of every kind taken for granted at ministry, 02-10-2013
  23. AG's Report IRB wasted millions due to poor management of project, 01-10-2013
  24. AG's Report IRB wasted millions due to poor management of project, 02-10-2013
  25. AG's Report Khazanah contractor failed to deliver RM46m shrimp project, 02-10-2013
  26. AG's Report Mistake over diesel price sets govt back RM8.14m, 01-10-2013
  27. AG's Report Mistake over diesel price sets govt back RM8.14m, 02-10-2013
  28. AG's Report RM25.8m consultancy fees, RM300K overseas trip claimed under MERS, 02-10-2013
  29. AG's Report S'wak projects suffer delay despite RM447m paid to consultants, 02-10-2013
  30. Ahmad Maslan refuses to divulge AES takeover cost, 05-12-2013
  31. Auditor-General: 96% of fire stations not well equipped, 02-10-2013
  32. Bank Negara grills top executives as 1MDB fails to settle RM2 billion debt again, 06-01-2015
  33. Bantah TPPA puzzled over non-consultation on cost-benefit analysis, 28-08-2013
  34. Broadway Malyan wins design job for Bandar Malaysia, 26-04-2013
  35. Building a world-class education hub, 04-09-2013
  36. Bukit Relau: Tycoon breaks his silence, 18-11-2013
  37. Bumi Armada unit sets up US$1.5b debt programme, 13-08-2013
  38. Businesses accept inevitability of GST, survey reveals, 26-08-2013
  39. Censof awarded RM1m contract by LKIM, 20-09-2013
  40. Chinese Press: Kuokuang scraps Pengerang project, report says, 23-07-2013
  41. Contracts for Johor's low-cost flats had expired for up to 18 years: AG, 07-04-2014
  42. Cover Story : SEAL link to Magna Prima, 20-07-2009
  43. Danger of projects bypassing local authorities, 08-07-2013
  44. Danny Tan buys Singapore's Albedo in S$774m deal, 20-09-2013
  45. DAP: IRB can immediately claim backdated taxes from KDSB, 01-07-2010
  46. Deleum bags slickline contract, 23-07-2013
  47. Dialog falls 7% on Rapid's delay, 01-08-2013
  48. Dialog has completed 65% of 1st phase of Pengerang Terminal, 28-06-2013
  49. DOE preparing case against 'oil spill' factory, 03-09-2013
  50. Dr M: I trust PAC over AG in 1MDB probe, 02-06-2015
  51. Dr M: We can't impose currency control under TPPA, 29-08-2013
  52. DRB-Hicom MD: CTRM takeover will complement auto and defence biz, 18-07-2013
  53. Encorp wins RM114m biz centre construction contract, 25-07-2013
  54. EPF says not offered to buy or invest in 1MDB's land, 12-05-2015
  55. EPF's global foray seen as beneficial, 08-06-2012
  56. Exco: Time for an audit into NS camps, 13-09-2013
  57. Federal govt's accounts receivable stays above RM20b, 02-12-2013
  58. Felda eyeing Kuok's stake in Tradewinds?, 31-08-2009
  59. Felda Global sets up subsidiary FGV Myanmar, 22-07-2013
  60. Felda to establish new business arm for settlers, 22-07-2013
  61. Fitch says fuel price hike cannot alter Malaysia's negative outlook, 03-09-2013
  62. Former MD of Sime unit heads 1MDB, 26-03-2013
  63. Fuel price hike seen positive for market sentiment, Tenaga and properties, 03-09-2013
  64. Gapurna-PKNS dispute: It's all a matter of pricing, 01-07-2013
  65. Government confirms award of third power plant to 1MDB, 15-10-2014
  66. Govt denies being indifferent on reviving NFC project, 25-11-2013
  67. Govt needs new mechanism to replace subsidies which don't reach target, 13-09-2013
  68. Govt to set up task force to look into indigenous land rights, 05-08-2013
  69. Govt's RM10b strategy to build police quarters, facilities, 14-01-2011
  70. Grand reclamation plan set to reshape Gurney Drive, 27-08-2013
  71. Group plans tour to spread news about TPPA impacts, 18-09-2013
  72. GST could add RM6b to govt revenue by 2015, 28-06-2013
  73. Halim Saad's ex-aide in NFC takeover, 04-12-2013
  74. 'Halt on mega projects not a big blow to sector', 04-09-2013
  75. Highlight - Chen to accept FGV offer, 07-08-2013
  76. Highlight: Duo take Ingress private, 27-06-2013
  77. Highlight: EPF defends mall deal, 03-07-2013
  78. Highlight: Higher electricity tariff next year?, 09-07-2013
  79. Hot Stock: Gamuda falls 2.4% on arbitration loss, 17-04-2013
  80. Housing group wants stamp duty removed when GST kicks in, 01-10-2014
  81. IATA calls for a same passenger service charge for KLIA, klia2, 26-08-2013
  82. IJM buying 20% of West Coast Expressway for RM6.75m, 13-03-2012
  83. IJM Land attracts suitors in London, 23-09-2013
  84. IJM-Europlus appointed main contractor for RM5b West Coast Expressway, 20-05-2014
  85. IMF: Energy subsidy reforms needed, 01-04-2013
  86. Independent panel to review problems of JPJ's MYSIKAP system, 18-11-2013
  87. 'Insane' to block river bordering Kedah and Penang, 28-08-2013
  88. IPPs, oil companies are not subsidised, says Idris Jala, 17-09-2013
  89. Iskandar Investment Invites Tenders for Legoland Malaysia, 05-03-2010
  90. It's a bailout of KDSB, says Pua, 25-11-2009
  91. Japanese firms show keen interest to participate in KL-S'pore high speed train project, says Najib, 12-12-2013
  92. JV to raise renewable energy output, 01-07-2013
  93. Kamalanathan: YTLC equipped for 1BestariNet project, 24-07-2013
  94. KDSB ex-manager charged with cheating PKA, 14-12-2009
  95. Kedah proposes new international airport to be built in Kulim, 12-06-2014
  96. Kelantan Claims Existence Of Oil Royalty Agreement, 08-07-2009
  97. Kelantan's finances satisfactory, but deficit drags into second year: AG, 03-12-2013
  98. Kelantan's Yakin missed out on RM4.5m, 08-04-2014
  99. Kuantan new court complex overshot budget by RM19m, 07-04-2014
  100. Kulim fails to acquire additional 20pc stake in PNG company, 06-09-2013
  101. Legacy issues from Dr Mahathir's era, 04-06-2010
  102. Lembah Sari gets RM77m liquor security-labelling contract, 12-09-2014
  103. LRT project contractor gets stop work order, residents voice safety concerns, 19-08-2013
  104. MACC clears CCM officials of wrongdoings and misconduct, 08-11-2013
  105. Mahdzir: Sungai Selangor must be designated as national security area, 03-09-2013
  106. Malaysia should be part of TPPA to grow its share in global trade, 29-08-2013
  107. Malaysia splits with Asean claimants over China sea threat, 29-08-2013
  108. Malaysian companies should express needs, demand for TPPA rather than object blindly, 29-08-2013
  109. 'Malaysian suppliers may face higher import tariffs under TPPA', 16-08-2013
  110. Malaysian Trustees seeks meeting of Selangor water industry players, bondholders, 17-09-2010
  111. Management, maintenance of Batu Kawan Stadium poor, 07-04-2014
  112. MB: Syabas used NRW pipe funds to buy cars, office spaces, 05-07-2013
  113. Megasteel to pay TNB RM213m, 22-07-2013
  114. Minister: Committee to monitor one million affordable houses, 27-08-2013
  115. Mismanaged Rural Internet Centres in Sabah, 07-04-2014
  116. Misuse of temporary licences at Cameron Highlands, AG's Report reveals, 05-12-2013
  117. Mitrajaya up on ECER contract, 06-10-2010
  118. MKH buys property firm from Puncak Niaga's Rozali, 07-08-2013
  119. MMC-Gamuda get letter of award for Klang Valley MRT, 31-01-2011
  120. MMC-Gamuda law suit negative surprise, 09-04-2012
  121. MOF Inc's CTRM disposal part of 'cherry-picking' exercise?, 08-03-2013
  122. MoF lodged police report over leaked PKFZ papers, 02-12-2009
  123. Monitor achievement of FRGS research project at IPTA - Auditor-General's report, 07-04-2014
  124. Moody's: Malaysia's fuel hike credit positive, 1st step in govt's fiscal consolidation drive, 04-09-2013
  125. 'More defaulters would pay PTPTN loans if admin charges were scrapped', 03-09-2013
  126. MP questions acquisition of IPPs by 1MDB, 11-07-2013
  127. MP: 'Shoddy' river embankment project may cause floods, 14-11-2013
  128. Multi-billion ringgit Penang Sentral project redesigned, 18-11-2013
  129. MyCC to hear from AirAsia, MAS on alleged breach of Act, 26-09-2013
  130. MyCC's fine on airlines turns heads, 09-09-2013
  131. MyEG roll-out next year, 16-07-2013
  132. National and international standards used for RAPID project in Pengerang, 11-07-2013
  133. New Economic Model Needs 'Holistic Solution', 08-02-2010
  134. No hike in airport tax for klia2, 20-08-2013
  135. No open tender conducted for flood mitigation project, admits state official, 12-12-2013
  136. No Waiting For A New Economic Mantra, 22-02-2010
  137. OC Phang and two others among first few hauled to court over PKFZ, 10-12-2009
  138. OC Phang claims trial to 3 charges of CBT, 10-12-2009
  139. Oil spill: Workshop given 2 months to dismantle, 04-09-2013
  140. PAC chief satisfied with Shabery's explanation on K-pop concert, 21-11-2013
  141. PAC to haul up three agencies for incomplete projects and cost overruns, 02-12-2013
  142. PAC wants to quiz minister on RM2b school security fiasco, 28-11-2013
  143. Palm oil drops as decline in crude oil reduces biofuel appeal, 20-08-2013
  144. PBA doubles Penang water conservation surcharge, 26-08-2013
  145. Penang Port bombards questions on multi-billion rgt undersea tunnel, 29-03-2013
  146. Penang state govt to make transport masterplan study available for SPAD, 21-02-2013
  147. Penang: We are drawing water at no cost to Kedah, 17-06-2013
  148. Penang's Islamic college performance unsatisfactory, 07-04-2014
  149. Perlis dryport not as bad as it seems - Penang Port, 14-11-2013
  150. Perlis dryport: RM100m lost a year due to ineptitude?, 08-11-2013
  151. Pesona Metro bags RM150m govt building contract, 30-07-2013
  152. Phase One of RM9 BLN Pengerang petroleum terminal to be completed next year, 05-08-2013
  153. Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia studios keen to lure Bollywood filmmakers, 18-03-2013
  154. PKFZ bond fallout averted, 01-07-2010
  155. PKFZ in the black for first time, 21-01-2010
  156. PKNS withdraws injunction against MRCB, 23-07-2013
  157. PKR: Land belongs to federal govt, not Awan Megah, 08-01-2013
  158. PKR: LTAT unit 'bailing out' Raja Ropiah's firm, 14-03-2013
  159. PKR: Mindef failed to act on Puspahanas issue, 10-01-2013
  160. PNB defends Warisan Merdeka project, 21-10-2010
  161. Port of Tanjung Pelepas 'threatened' by Forest project, says DAP MP, 30-06-2014
  162. Power Root in JV with Robert Kuok's Golden Screen Cinemas, 26-07-2013
  163. PPSMI not meant to improve students' English, 04-07-2013
  164. PR1MA sites located, 04-07-2011
  165. Prasarana picks TRC_Bina Puri as main contractors for LRT extension jobs, 26-11-2010
  166. Property assessment: House Buyers Association taking DBKL to court, 04-12-2013
  167. Prosecution challenges Immigration Wahid's testimony, 16-07-2013
  168. Pua demands action on KTMB over RM85m fiasco, 16-07-2013
  169. Pua: Why the special treatment for Malindo Air?, 01-07-2013
  170. Rafizi claims link between EC's contracts for caps to indelible ink supplier, 23-07-2013
  171. Rafizi names supplier of indelible ink, 16-07-2013
  172. Residents of Tanjong Tokong file counter claim against UDA Holdings, 13-08-2013
  173. RHB: Govt will be able to achieve budget deficit target of 4% of GDP by this year, 03-09-2013
  174. RM290 billion profit over 30 years for controversial Johor project, says report, 15-09-2014
  175. Rosmah's safety more vital than cost of using executive jet: FT Umno delegate, 06-12-2013
  176. S P Setia tops losers' list despite land deal, 19-01-2011
  177. Scorpene deal architect removed early on: Suaram, 31-07-2013
  178. Several locations along North-South Expressway being upgraded to ease congestion, 14-11-2013
  179. Shorten GST-exempt list for it to be progressive, says IMF, 15-09-2014
  180. Sime Darby Plantation willing to discuss on Indonesian concession, 18-07-2013
  181. Strong ringgit reflects investor confidence following subsidy rationalization, 04-09-2013
  182. Subsidy rationalisation the right move, says Think Tank, 05-09-2013
  183. Sumatec sets up O&G production subsidiary in Kazakhstan, 11-07-2013
  184. Syabas may get tariff hike., 28-09-2010
  185. Syed Mokhtar eyes substantial stake in Malaysian Reserve, 19-09-2013
  186. Talam on track to exit PN17, 11-01-2010
  187. Tan Chong gets 50-yr permit to make motor vehicles in Myanmar, 20-09-2013
  188. Those behind S'wak power outage face action, 12-07-2013
  189. TI-M's Low sued for defamation, 24-11-2009
  190. TNB denies unfair advantage in power plant bids, 06-08-2013
  191. TNB eyes Project 3B power plant, 19-07-2013
  192. TNB gets 1,000MW power plant job from Energy Comm, 06-08-2013
  193. TNB selected as preferred bidder for major power plant job, 16-07-2013
  194. TNB signs 25-year PPA with subsidiary, 16-08-2013
  195. TPP countries reaffirm aim for year-end conclusion, 23-08-2013
  196. TPP: What's the rationale for Malaysia?, 11-09-2012
  197. 'TPPA will enslave Malaysia's poor to corporate America', 16-07-2013
  198. Tradewinds Plantation and Bernas to go private, 01-03-2013
  199. Tropicana's Tan in land deal, 21-08-2013
  200. Truth on 2001 sale of Renong/UEM finally coming out?, 13-06-2013
  201. Tun M to govt: Stop being so secretive on TPPA, 26-08-2013
  202. Utility bills for PM's residence among the 'lowest' in the world: Shahidan, 11-11-2013
  203. Wah Seong wins RM232.1m contract from Petronas, 20-09-2013
  204. 'Why is one man, not bumi farmers, benefitting from Bernas privatisation?', 12-11-2013
  205. Win-win situation for FGV and TSH, 04-09-2013
  206. YTL Crop subsidiaries dispose of properties for RM472m, 14-12-2010
  207. YTL Power conserves cash for 1BestariNet, no dividend yet, 26-08-2013
  208. YTL-TNB-SIPP JV bags power project via direct negotiation, 02-06-2014
  209. Zairil and the unmasking of 1BestariNet, 07-08-2013
  210. Zecon unit gets RM606m govt concession to build/manage hospital, 23-08-2013

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