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  1. 40 Pct Of RM112 Bln In ECER Funds For Transportation and Infrastructure, 19-09-2007
  2. Abu Dhabi signs pacts for mega investment projects in Malaysia, 13-03-2013
  3. Benalec to potentially benefit from Malaysia and Abu Dhabi partnership, 14-03-2013
  4. Danny Tan buys Singapore's Albedo in S$774m deal, 20-09-2013
  5. Felda Global Ventures Holdings in for huge returns, 28-12-2012
  6. Felda Global Ventures' RM6.2bil poser, 31-05-2013
  7. Felda Global Ventures to decide on Tradewinds stake in 2-3 weeks, 27-12-2012
  8. Masteel gets nod for Iskandar-Singapore rail-link, 03-06-2013
  9. More information needed on higher tax rates for foreign property buyers in Johor, 04-06-2013
  10. Penang Port claims bleeding millions while in limbo over privatisation deal, 06-11-2013
  11. Penang Port loses millions in revenue, 06-11-2013
  12. Penang says port privatisation will hurt Malaysia's competitiveness, 19-06-2012
  13. Perlis dryport: RM100m lost a year due to ineptitude?, 08-11-2013
  14. Pesona Metro bags RM150m govt building contract, 30-07-2013
  15. Petronas on East Coast Economic Region Plans, 29-09-2007
  16. Petronas: Defers $20 Billion Petrochemical Plant Decision to 2014, 22-05-2013
  17. Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia studios keen to lure Bollywood filmmakers, 18-03-2013
  18. RM342m gain for FGV from stake sale, 22-03-2013
  19. RM6b Kickstart for ECER, 29-10-2007
  20. Siemens consortium wins Petronas contract to build co-generation plant, 17-05-2014
  21. Syed Mohamed to head Iskandar Investment, 07-10-2010
  22. Syed Mokhtar makes conditional offer for Tradewinds shares, 25-12-2012
  23. Three Civil Servants Charged Over Sand Smuggling, 08-02-2010
  24. Tradewinds Plantation and Bernas to go private, 01-03-2013
  25. Water Concession Rescinded in Johor, 12-03-2009

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