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Project Schedule Issue

Process list
  1. A-G's report :Costly delay on Bakun dam project, 01-09-2008
  2. AG's Report: Unsatisfactory Performance Of Four Recreational Facility Projects In KL, 02-10-2013
  3. AirAsia has Plan B on KLIA2 opening delay, 05-06-2013
  4. Airasia Proposes Independent Body To Probe Klia2 Delay, 13-06-2013
  5. AirAsia urges MAHB to reveal KLIA2 delayed opening date, 12-06-2013
  6. Bina Puri applies for time extension, 05-06-2013
  7. Bina Puri: No need to pay damages over klia2 delay, 04-06-2013
  8. Construction of Second Bridge back on track, 01-09-2013
  9. Contractor fails to complete RM240mil Sungai Melaka project on time, 29-05-2015
  10. Costs at Bakun Dam project set to balloon, 09-08-2008
  11. Despite Raja Ropiaah's land Deal Puspahanas Not In Sight, 04-01-2013
  12. Dialog falls 7% on Rapid's delay, 01-08-2013
  13. Drop Awan Megah from Puspahanas project, Mindef told, 09-01-2013
  14. Drop Awan Megah!, 10-01-2013
  15. Gamuda profit forecast slashed, its JV entity ordered to pay 74% of RM105mil arbitration sum, 18-04-2013
  16. 'Hisham not taking KLIA2 seriously', 03-07-2013
  17. ITIS falls under 2015 budget, 17-12-2014
  18. Johor doing all it can to resolve Rapid woes, says MB, 04-08-2013
  19. JV Partners Working Rigorously To Meet New Klia2 Opening Date Target, 18-06-2013
  20. KLIA2 cost increase due to new ‘design concept', claims Transport Minister, 19-05-2015
  21. KLIA2 jobbers behind schedule, 08-05-2013
  22. KLIA2 may open in Q1 2014_ says Alliance, 04-06-2013
  23. klia2 new launch date on May 2 next year, 19-06-2013
  24. Klia2 To Be Completed On April 30, 2014, To Be Operational By May 2, 18-06-2013
  25. KLIA2's cost may hit RM4.3b: Maybank IB, 06-06-2013
  26. LRT extension project 'ready only in 2016', 30-07-2013
  27. Lynas Says Review Will Not Delay Gebeng Plant, 22-04-2011
  28. MAHB adamant about LAD fine, 29-06-2013
  29. MAHB extends MD's contract another year, 07-06-2013
  30. MAHB has to fork out RM20m more, 20-08-2013
  31. MAHB lodges 212 reports against the contractors of KLIA2, 24-06-2013
  32. MAHB plans RM1bil Sukuk for delayed budget terminal, 15-08-2013
  33. MAHB reviews claims, 06-05-2015
  34. MAHB to impose penalties on UEMC-Bina Puri for KLIA2 delay, 18-06-2013
  35. MAHB: Extensions granted but it says no justification for any further extensions, LAD to apply, 06-06-2013
  36. MAHB: KLIA2 delays due to insufficient resources, new completion date yet to be announced, 05-06-2013
  37. Main contractor of KLIA2 to appeal fine for delay, 28-06-2013
  38. Malaysian AE hit by KLIA2 delay, 06-07-2013
  39. Malaysia's second astronaut's mission extended, 01-02-2009
  40. Measures taken to deal with KLIA2's delay, 09-07-2013
  41. Mindef Mum on Puspahanas project by Raja Ropiaah's Firm, 03-01-2013
  42. MRT Corp says land dispute may delay project to July 2017, 19-11-2011
  43. MRT Corp: Possible delay to Bukit Bintang station but project on track, 29-08-2013
  44. MyEG slips over delay in CSTM, high valuations, 28-04-2014
  45. New deadline for High Speed Rail project, 05-05-2015
  46. Petronas delays Johor refinery start-up to 2017 - CEO, 09-06-2013
  47. PKR: Mindef failed to act on Puspahanas issue, 10-01-2013
  48. Power plant on track for 2016, says Tanjung Bin Energy, 26-03-2015
  49. Project 3B plant operation date postponed, 30-06-2015
  50. Pua demands action on KTMB over RM85m fiasco, 16-07-2013
  51. Puspahanas Will Only Complete in 2015 Says Mindef, 08-01-2013
  52. Rio Tinto, Cahya Mata scrap US$2b smelter project in Malaysia, 27-03-2012
  53. Seven bidders for Samalaju Port contract, 04-05-2015
  54. The blame game of KLIA2, 29-06-2013
  55. 'Toothbrush maker financing Puspahanas', 04-01-2013
  56. UEM-Bina Puri JV will revisit LAD once job done, 19-06-2013

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