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Process list
  1. "Headless" National Feedlot Centre project, 25-10-2011
  2. 11MP to address poverty from a multi-dimensional perspective: Wahid Omar, 16-04-2015
  3. 197 house owners affected by double-track project paid RM8.3m, 12-02-2010
  4. 1MDB audit will cover all accounts, says Auditor-General, 10-03-2015
  5. 1MDB defends Cayman funds, says isolated from ringgit slide, 22-12-2014
  6. 1MDB issue over by year-end, Umno chiefs told, 14-06-2015
  7. 1MDB loans with local banks totalled RM5.037 billion: PM, 26-03-2015
  8. 1MDB may face loss of global investors in Tun Razak Exchange and Bandar Malaysia, 24-09-2014
  9. 1MDB needs to hasten listing of energy unit: Wahid, 22-11-2014
  10. 1MDB probe in A-G's hands, police finished their part, says home minister, 11-06-2015
  11. 1MDB receives clean audit report by CCM - Hasan, 07-03-2015
  12. 1MDB responsible borrower and never defaulted, says new chief, 06-01-2015
  13. 1MDB says has redeemed in full US$2 billion invested in Cayman Islands, 13-01-2015
  14. 1MDB Settles $975 Million Deutsche Bank-Led Syndicated Loan, 08-06-2015
  15. 1MDB sheds light, explains RM2bil debt, eyes listing, 05-03-2015
  16. 1MDB should clear the air, says Ahmad Maslan, 18-12-2014
  17. 1MDB should disclose what needs to be disclosed, says CIMB chairman, 28-04-2015
  18. 1MDB to reduce debt by RM16bil on completion of IPIC deal, 30-06-2015
  19. 1MDB, auditors brief Cabinet, 04-03-2015
  20. 1MDB: Exim Bank loan used for energy business, 19-06-2015
  21. 1MDB: Will PAC probe 'missing RM42bil', 02-07-2015
  22. 1MDB's US$1.103b now in Singapore: Najib in Parliament, 11-03-2015
  23. 2 more agree to water takeover, 17-05-2014
  24. ‘I've nothing to hide': Malaysia's Jho Low breaks silence to deny money laundering allegations, 12-03-2015
  25. Abu Dhabi removes Jho Low contact, 27-04-2015
  26. After TRX land row, Umno veep says international auditors should vet 1MDB's books, 09-05-2015
  27. AG disapproves Sabah's management of halal certs, 04-12-2013
  28. AG Report Spilt and spoilt milk, 01-10-2013
  29. A-G Report: Food baskets given to 'well off' families, 07-04-2014
  30. A-G report: Hospital equipment worth RM2.58mil categorised as 'assets not found', 08-04-2014
  31. AG report: KWAP must invest wisely, EPF shines in real estate, 02-10-2013
  32. AG: Acceptance letter for Education Ministry special projects delayed 2 year, 02-12-2013
  33. A-G: Defence Ministry wasted medical equipment, 09-04-2014
  34. AG: Good marks for Terengganu, 03-12-2013
  35. AG: Kedah gets thumbs down on financial standing, 04-12-2013
  36. AG: Langkawi council's boats not used for intended purpose, 04-12-2013
  37. AG: Not SMART enough training facility, 02-12-2013
  38. AG: Putrajaya bus operator suffers bigger loss, 02-12-2013
  39. AG: Sabah records 200% decline in financial performance, 03-12-2013
  40. AG: Sarawak spends 93% budget though only 18% projects completed, 03-12-2013
  41. AG's Report Army college project inflates to RM190 million, 01-10-2013
  42. AG's Report Grants of every kind taken for granted at ministry, 01-10-2013
  43. AG's Report IRB wasted millions due to poor management of project, 01-10-2013
  44. AG's Report IRB wasted millions due to poor management of project, 02-10-2013
  45. AG's Report Mistake over diesel price sets govt back RM8.14m, 01-10-2013
  46. AG's Report Mistake over diesel price sets govt back RM8.14m, 02-10-2013
  47. AG's Report: School Guard Found To Have Criminal Record, 01-10-2013
  48. Ahmad Maslan refuses to divulge AES takeover cost, 05-12-2013
  49. Ahmad Zahid backs IGP on guns missing at sea theory, 03-10-2013
  50. AirAsia to be beneficiary of any restructuring of MAS, 14-05-2014
  51. Airline moving in the right direction, says Khazanah MD, 15-06-2013
  52. Ananda Krishnan to pay 1MDB loan ahead of deadline, sources say, 12-02-2015
  53. Anifah lashes out at Mahathir in open letter to US daily, 20-06-2015
  54. Ask 1MDB to ‘clear the air' before PAC, DAP tells Ahmad Maslan, 19-12-2014
  55. Attacks against 1MDB largely due to ‘misunderstandings', new chief says, 07-01-2015
  56. Audit of 1MDB not enough: Dr M, 14-03-2015
  57. Audit Report: 26pc of shops under transformation programme unchanged, 07-04-2014
  58. Audit Report: 35 of 49 CCTVs at Batu Kawan Stadium not functioning, 07-04-2014
  59. Audit Report: Hospitals buy fish higher than market prices, 07-04-2014
  60. Audit Report: MAIWP fails to take stern action against food suppliers, 07-04-2014
  61. Audit Report: Unsatisfactory performance by TADC, accumulated losses of RM5.71mil, 07-04-2014
  62. Auditor General to verify 1MDB's accounts, 04-03-2015
  63. Auditor General wants green light on Gov't firms, 29-11-2014
  64. Auditor-General unhappy with aircraft procurement, 02-10-2013
  65. Auditor-General's report:Five states suffer serious coastal erosion, 02-10-2013
  66. Auditors highlight several critical areas in 1MDB's books, 22-04-2014
  67. AWER: Not advisable to lift water rationing yet, 22-04-2014
  68. Bank Negara grills top executives as 1MDB fails to settle RM2 billion debt again, 06-01-2015
  69. Bank Negara probes 1MDB, no special exception for 1MDB, 04-06-2015
  70. Bank Negara to do its part in 1MDB probe, 24-03-2015
  71. Bank Negara: Malaysia can manage currency volatility, 22-08-2013
  72. Cabbies unhappy with KLIA2, 05-06-2014
  73. Chin tries to avoid Selangor-Syabas litigation, 17-12-2010
  74. Chronology of the NFCorp issue, 11-03-2012
  75. Chua: BR1M payout wont lead to higher deficit, 30-10-2014
  76. Citing secrecy provisions, Putrajaya clams up over 1MDB loan query, 18-06-2015
  77. City Hall received 80,000 objection letters as of Monday, 17-12-2013
  78. City Hall to reassess rates, 25-11-2013
  79. Contracts for Johor's low-cost flats had expired for up to 18 years: AG, 07-04-2014
  80. Daim: 1MDB should not keep funds overseas, 07-11-2014
  81. Daim: Clear Air On 1MDB, 11-02-2015
  82. DBKL gets 35,000 objection letters, 11-12-2013
  83. Dead ex-servicemen received RM12 million in pensions, national auditor finds, 10-11-2014
  84. Dewan Rakyat says aye to Government AES takeover, silent on compensation package, 05-12-2013
  85. Do more to curb water wastage, say experts, 27-04-2014
  86. Dr M says has 'lost faith' due to corruption claims, 04-04-2015
  87. Dr M to 1MDB: Less talk, more proof, 18-06-2015
  88. Dr M: I trust PAC over AG in 1MDB probe, 02-06-2015
  89. Environment: Wetlands Not Wastelands, 16-02-2010
  90. EPF denies issuing bonds to MAS, 20-05-2014
  91. EPF loaned RM25 billion to debt-ridden Pembinaan PFI, 11-06-2015
  92. Even if debts paid, 1MDB managers accountable for missing money, says Dr M, 29-05-2015
  93. Ex-admiral: Group manipulated Navy procurement system, 16-03-2015
  94. Exco man declines comment on direct tender, 09-12-2013
  95. Exco: Time for an audit into NS camps, 13-09-2013
  96. Ex-IGP: Cops must probe 2009 dealings of 1MDB, 31-05-2015
  97. Federal Govt targets three months to come up with solution, 21-08-2013
  98. Federal govt's accounts receivable stays above RM20b, 02-12-2013
  99. Felcra directors paid themselves without ministry nod, PAC says, 03-11-2014
  100. Final report on 1MDB done by year-end, A-G says, 02-07-2015
  101. Flash floods hit Long Busang, 27-11-2013
  102. For the record... a statement from 1MDB - Lodin Wok Kamaruddin, 22-12-2014
  103. Gamuda maintains RM10.7b offer to take over water concession firms in Selangor, 06-12-2013
  104. Get Muhyiddin, Anwar and AG to investigate wrongdoings in report, says opposition, 02-10-2013
  105. Get the right man to turnaround MAS, 20-08-2013
  106. Govt denies being indifferent on reviving NFC project, 25-11-2013
  107. Govt overpaid TM by RM11.6m for 999 emergency line, says A-G, 01-10-2013
  108. Govt to commence KLIA2 cost auditing, 25-06-2014
  109. Govt to take 3-step action against wrong doers highlighted in AG's report, 23-10-2013
  110. GST monitoring committee to be formed before year-end: Husni, 14-11-2013
  111. Halim Saad's ex-aide in NFC takeover, 04-12-2013
  112. Halim: Don't compare Renong with 1MDB, 30-05-2015
  113. Health offices used funds meant for poor kids on own meals, 07-04-2014
  114. Highway link works delayed, 25-09-2014
  115. Hospitals face ambulance shortage due to accidents, 02-10-2013
  116. Hospitals face ambulance shortage due to accidents, poor maintenance, 02-10-2013
  117. Ideas: Check market rate of goods, 04-10-2013
  118. If there's any cover-up in 1MDB, we will know, says PAC's Nur Jazlan, 31-05-2015
  119. I'm ready to hold talks, says Khalid, 21-08-2013
  120. In turbulent times, flying the idea of selling MAS again, 19-08-2013
  121. Incinerator projects' 'failure', 12-11-2014
  122. Is the list of GST zero rated-items too many to manage?, 15-10-2014
  123. JKR yet to recoup RM15.77mil in bonds, 02-10-2013
  124. Justify increase in rates, DBKL told, 15-11-2013
  125. Kamalanathan: Action to be taken against security firms that don't meet standards, 02-10-2013
  126. Keep an eye on govt projects, says audit director, 20-10-2013
  127. Kelantan's finances satisfactory, but deficit drags into second year: AG, 03-12-2013
  128. Kelantan's Yakin missed out on RM4.5m, 08-04-2014
  129. Khazanah denies criminal element in late payment of credit card bills, 07-10-2013
  130. Khazanah to inject RM1.6b in restructuring MAS, 02-03-2015
  131. Khazanah under PAC spotlight for alleged failed ventures, 24-10-2013
  132. Khazanah will decide on what to do with MAS in 6 to 12 months, 10-06-2014
  133. KL rate hike is to help owners revalue property, says Tengku Adnan, 23-11-2013
  134. KL rate hike: Only 65,000 objection letters received so far, 16-12-2013
  135. Kontena to contain costs to strengthen financial management, 21-05-2013
  136. KPMG, EY terminated from auditing 1MDB, auditors tell PAC, 17-06-2015
  137. Leading think-tanks hail PM's call for probe into 1MDB account, 06-03-2015
  138. Leaked documents show PM's approval required for all deals under 1MDB precursor, 26-05-2015
  139. Look at the positive side of 1MDB, Ahmad Maslan tells Malaysians, 20-11-2014
  140. Lorry owners support govt takeover of AES, 23-08-2013
  141. MACC finds no wrong in Felda's London luxury hotel buy, says minister, 27-05-2015
  142. MACC opens 15 investigation papers following A-G report 2012, 06-10-2013
  143. MACC panel lauds A-G's report, slams govt's financial management, 04-10-2013
  144. Malacca planetarium fails to 'inspire', 07-10-2013
  145. Malaysia Airlines workforce right-sizing to cost RM1.5bil: Khazanah, 02-06-2015
  146. Malaysia's 1MDB to be dismantled under debt plan - sources, 05-03-2015
  147. Malaysia's FGV defends Indonesia deal, 15-06-2015
  148. Management, maintenance of Batu Kawan Stadium poor, 07-04-2014
  149. Mara told to be more diligent in spending, 02-12-2013
  150. MAS slashes 6,000 jobs, 02-06-2015
  151. MAS will not be privatised, says Najib, 20-08-2013
  152. Maximus: RM5mil pipeline for Pahang-Selangor water transfer tunnel, 22-05-2014
  153. MIA urged to probe 1MDB auditor KPMG, 06-03-2015
  154. Millions lost due to Works ministry failure to recoup money from terminated contractors, 01-10-2013
  155. Ministries will be asked to explain, 02-10-2013
  156. Ministry defers assessment rate hike indefinitely, 27-11-2013
  157. Ministry to probe financial abuses in health project, 09-04-2014
  158. Mismanaged Rural Internet Centres in Sabah, 07-04-2014
  159. MoF creates special task force to help 1MDB implement strategic review, 27-03-2015
  160. Monitor achievement of FRGS research project at IPTA - Auditor-General's report, 07-04-2014
  161. 'More defaulters would pay PTPTN loans if admin charges were scrapped', 03-09-2013
  162. MPs and groups: Revised assessment rates will further muddy the waters, 20-12-2013
  163. MPs spar over feedlot failure, 13-11-2011
  164. MTUC Has No Legal Right To Gain Access To Water Concession Agreement, Court Hears, 08-02-2011
  165. Najib says 'depressed' by Tabung Haji-1MDB rumours, 02-07-2015
  166. Najib: 1MDB has more assets than liabilities, 09-04-2015
  167. Najib: Auditor-General ordered to verify if 1MDB funds used for film, 09-04-2015
  168. National Feedlot Centre should explain operations, says Muhyiddin, 16-11-2011
  169. New assessment rates will take effect on January 1, insists Tengku Adnan, 28-11-2013
  170. NFCorp chairman testifies in breach of contract suit, 09-12-2014
  171. No jet-setter, she jets for work, she's Rosmah, 16-12-2013
  172. No mention of dissatisfaction with EPF, says Ambrin, 10-04-2014
  173. No open tender conducted for flood mitigation project, admits state official, 12-12-2013
  174. No penalty until new rate announced, Putrajaya assures KL owners, 08-12-2013
  175. NS camp: Shape up or trainees will ship out, says acting D-G, 12-09-2013
  176. NS trainees want out of camp, 12-09-2013
  177. Original plan was for new MRT2 to start from Sg Buloh and not Selayang, 13-10-2014
  178. Outcry against DBKL, 18-11-2013
  179. 'Outplacement support' for 6,000 redundant MAS staff, 18-09-2014
  180. PAC hauls up top civil servants to answer on 1MDB, 11-05-2015
  181. PAC member: Independent KLIA2 audit inadequate, will not uncover cost overruns' ‘culprits', 12-12-2014
  182. PAC slams MAHB over KLIA2, 26-11-2014
  183. PAC starts own probe on 1MDB, says won't wait for federal audit, 11-05-2015
  184. PAC to haul up three agencies for incomplete projects and cost overruns, 02-12-2013
  185. PAC to question Auditor-General over initial findings on 1MDB, 02-07-2015
  186. PAC to recommend action against Petronas over contraband bikes fiasco, 24-10-2013
  187. PAC wants A-G to focus on five crucial points in probe, 06-03-2015
  188. PAC wants graft probe on university's 'ailing' research vessel project, 27-10-2014
  189. PAC: Conflict of interest found in payment for ERL project linking KLIA and klia2, 16-06-2015
  190. PAC: Felda makes improvement in purchasing management, 18-03-2015
  191. Pahang pipeline can start pumping water to Selangor by August, 22-05-2014
  192. Pakatan panel to address issues raised by A-G, 10-10-2013
  193. Parliament: 1MDB 'appropriately' paid Goldman Sachs fees, 10-06-2015
  194. Parliament: No Proposal To Change 1MDB Board Members - Ahmad Husni, 29-06-2015
  195. Penang Port claims bleeding millions while in limbo over privatisation deal, 06-11-2013
  196. Penang Sentral project to start this year, 10-05-2014
  197. Perkasa lauds PM's decision on MAS, 21-08-2013
  198. Perlis dryport not as bad as it seems - Penang Port, 14-11-2013
  199. Perlis dryport: RM100m lost a year due to ineptitude?, 08-11-2013
  200. Perwaja, Kinsteel shares soar with plant revival plan, 06-05-2015
  201. PetroSaudi dismisses online criticisms of 1MDB as inaccurate, 13-03-2015
  202. Police form 212 inquiry committees to investigate assets loss, 02-10-2013
  203. Poor monitoring raised Alor Star road repair works cost: A-G, 07-04-2014
  204. Privatise MAS for profit, says Tun M, 18-08-2013
  205. Privatising MAS: Cronyism at work?, 19-08-2013
  206. Probe into 1MDB financial misconduct now, says anti-graft group, 01-10-2014
  207. Probe into dead getting aid, 08-10-2013
  208. Probe on 1MDB's BSI account, 27-05-2015
  209. Property assessment: House Buyers Association taking DBKL to court, 04-12-2013
  210. Property tax hike suspended indefinitely, feedback deadline pushed to March, 27-11-2013
  211. Proton management to be more focused, 18-02-2013
  212. PTPTN loan management system unsatisfactory: A-G's Report, 07-04-2014
  213. PTPTN record shows nurse earning RM27.4mil, 08-04-2014
  214. Pua asks Deloitte Malaysia to explain 1MDB audit, 13-02-2015
  215. Public Accounts Committee ducks 1MDB's debt issue, 15-10-2014
  216. Public opinion on Kidex sought, 19-09-2014
  217. Putrajaya must help 9 firms pay billions annually, says Najib, 09-06-2015
  218. Putrajaya spent RM7.2b, or RM4m a day, on private consultants, Parliament told, 13-11-2013
  219. 'Raja' term to provide check and balance, 10-06-2014
  220. Recent commercial 1MDB & IPIC transaction not guaranteed by Govt: 1MDB, 29-06-2015
  221. Report: Quit if you're not with me on 1MDB, PM tells Cabinet, 01-06-2015
  222. RM182 mil spent on govt executive jets last year, 07-11-2013
  223. RM5 mil payment for squatters affected by double tracking project, 31-12-2009
  224. RM80m of NFCorp's RM250m debts recovered, 12-07-2013
  225. RM8mil lost in diesel transactions, 02-10-2013
  226. Rosmah's safety more vital than cost of using executive jet: FT Umno delegate, 06-12-2013
  227. Sarawak CM backs use of English in teaching science, mathematics, 23-09-2014
  228. 'School security guards too old', 02-10-2013
  229. Selangor Government Wants Syabas' Concession Revoked, 15-02-2011
  230. Selangor makes final RM9.65 bil bid for water concessionaires, 22-11-2013
  231. Selangor says water reserves can last six months, 17-05-2014
  232. Selangor water management at fault, says expert, 05-05-2014
  233. Selangor water restructure to compete in 6 months, 21-05-2014
  234. Selangor water saga: Three down, one more to go?, 20-05-2014
  235. Set up special panel on sundry items, Customs Dept urged, 30-10-2014
  236. S'gor had early warning on water crisis, 23-05-2014
  237. Shahidan: Permata's finances managed by civil service, 10-06-2015
  238. Shock and anger over assessment hike, 23-12-2013
  239. SOP set up to ensure 1Malaysia netbook quality guaranteed - Kamalanathan, 11-06-2014
  240. Spotlight on 'less popular' ministries, 07-04-2015
  241. 'State govt to blame for BR1M fiasco', 21-05-2012
  242. Subramaniam admits GST for healthcare, pledges minimal effects, 07-11-2013
  243. Survey finds roads in Selangor unsafe, uncomfortable: Auditor General's Report, 02-12-2013
  244. Syabas queried over water sold to industries, 22-04-2014
  245. 'Tackle matters raised by Auditor-General', 05-10-2013
  246. Tengku Adnan: Unfair to make quit call, 01-12-2013
  247. TG Offshore's Tan files report with SC, 12-02-2015
  248. The increase must not be drastic: Tengku Adnan, 27-11-2013
  249. Throw away assessment hike notices, says Ku Nan, 30-11-2013
  250. Throw away the AG report, 05-10-2013
  251. TIA ‘full dress rehearsal' for 1MDB scandal, 16-03-2015
  252. Time will tell in 1MDB case, 15-06-2015
  253. Toilet breaks among reasons for cops losing guns, 23-10-2013
  254. Umno seniors moving against 1MDB, says veteran journalist, 27-04-2015
  255. Under pressure, DBKL cuts property rates by 1 to 4 percentage points, 19-12-2013
  256. 'Unfair valuation', 20-04-2014
  257. Unjustifiable assessment increase rates, 21-11-2013
  258. Utility bills for PM's residence among the 'lowest' in the world: Shahidan, 11-11-2013
  259. 'Vital MB keeps word on Langat 2', 30-08-2013
  260. Water crisis: Groundwater is not the solution, 12-05-2014
  261. Weak management 'systemic' problem in government projects, says PAC, 23-11-2011
  262. 'What for?' Rafidah Aziz asks of GST ad blitz, 11-05-2014
  263. What you're denying is not what we allege, The Edge tells 1MDB, 08-06-2015
  264. 'Where's the CAT in Penang govt?', 05-12-2013
  265. Witness: NFCorp chairman, his children have been company directors since 2006, 23-06-2014
  266. YTL Power seeks arbitration against Petronas, 24-05-2014
  267. YTL pulls the plug on role in RM3b Johor power plant project, 18-06-2014

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