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Process list
  1. 100 percent water rate increase shows Penang state govt is arrogant, 26-08-2013
  2. 115 million euros in Scorpene deal not corruption, 27-07-2013
  3. '1BestariNet project costs RM663m, not RM9b', 17-07-2013
  4. 1Malaysia Clinics giving GPs 'migraine' - MMA chief, 26-08-2013
  5. 1MDB audit will cover all accounts, says Auditor-General, 10-03-2015
  6. 1MDB defends Cayman funds, says isolated from ringgit slide, 22-12-2014
  7. 1MDB focus now on solving current issues, IPO crucial, says Abdul Wahid, 19-04-2015
  8. 1MDB here to stay, says spokesman, 05-03-2015
  9. 1MDB loans with local banks totalled RM5.037 billion: PM, 26-03-2015
  10. 1MDB may face loss of global investors in Tun Razak Exchange and Bandar Malaysia, 24-09-2014
  11. 1MDB probe in A-G's hands, police finished their part, says home minister, 11-06-2015
  12. 1MDB pulls out of Caymans, 07-11-2014
  13. 1MDB responsible borrower and never defaulted, says new chief, 06-01-2015
  14. 1MDB says has redeemed in full US$2 billion invested in Cayman Islands, 13-01-2015
  15. 1MDB should clear the air, says Ahmad Maslan, 18-12-2014
  16. 1MDB to reduce debt by RM16bil on completion of IPIC deal, 30-06-2015
  17. 1MDB: Exim Bank loan used for energy business, 19-06-2015
  18. 1MDB: Will PAC probe 'missing RM42bil', 02-07-2015
  19. 1MDB's US$1.103b now in Singapore: Najib in Parliament, 11-03-2015
  20. 2 booted out of Dewan Rakyat for disrupting Muhyiddin's speech, 10-06-2015
  21. 2900 medicines categorised zero-rated GST, 13-10-2014
  22. 3 contracts for GE13 caps, to 3 companies, one common link - why, Rafizi asks EC, 23-07-2013
  23. 30pc of shops in KLIA2 Bumiputera-owned, says operator, 18-06-2014
  24. 4 water plants to restart in 3-5 days, 01-09-2013
  25. 673,339 AES Summonses Issued As At June 11, 16-07-2013
  26. 90% of urban and rural centres set up with 1Bestari programme, 20-04-2014
  27. A month after GST: Customs GST director explains why there are price differences, 01-05-2015
  28. A royal household unmatched, 07-06-2014
  29. ‘Bukit Botak' rezoned to residential land in 2012, 19-04-2015
  30. ‘We have not imposed any charges on workers or employers,' Azmi Khalid, 04-02-2015
  31. Abdul Wahid: Cut in fuel subsidies is first step taken by Government in bid to maintain credit rating, 10-09-2013
  32. AES helps reduce accidents, says Liow, 30-10-2014
  33. AES will be installed based on priority when govt takes over operation, 13-09-2013
  34. A-G says 1MDB probe top priority, confirms interim report ready by June, 12-05-2015
  35. AG's dept has all our funds, says NFCorp boss, 06-11-2014
  36. Ahmad Maslan defends request for more funds, 27-09-2013
  37. Ahmad Maslan refuses to divulge AES takeover cost, 05-12-2013
  38. Ahmad Zahid backs IGP on guns missing at sea theory, 03-10-2013
  39. AirAsia told to explain 'klia2 fee', 10-05-2014
  40. AirAsia, MAS rapped for 'monopolistic' deal, 14-09-2013
  41. Alam Flora: We're not responsible for spillage, 01-09-2013
  42. All funds from 1MDB went to PetroSaudi-owned entities, 01-03-2015
  43. Allocation for Sabah exceeds 20pc oil royalty - minister, 28-06-2014
  44. Altel: We won spectrum fair and square, 13-09-2013
  45. Annuar: Inflated price and kickbacks outside of our knowledge, 25-06-2015
  46. Appoint lawyer from outside A-G's Chambers in Altantuya appeal, Gobind dares Gani, 05-09-2013
  47. Armed forces to study security lapses in ESSzone, 06-06-2014
  48. Arul Kanda owns up to ministry slip-up on 1MDB funds, 10-06-2015
  49. Astacanggih buy a chance to increase landbank, says Boustead, 03-01-2013
  50. Attacks against 1MDB largely due to ‘misunderstandings', new chief says, 07-01-2015
  51. Auditor General wants green light on Gov't firms, 29-11-2014
  52. Authorities differ on Selangor water supply, 21-06-2014
  53. Awang Tengah: Sarawak can sue Federal govt over June 27 blackout, 26-07-2013
  54. AWER: Not advisable to lift water rationing yet, 22-04-2014
  55. Azmin blasts reduced development funds, 20-11-2013
  56. Bank Negara to do its part in 1MDB probe, 24-03-2015
  57. Bank Negara: Malaysia can manage currency volatility, 22-08-2013
  58. Bantah TPPA puzzled over non-consultation on cost-benefit analysis, 28-08-2013
  59. Barisan MP calls for review of Pemandu's role in Government, 29-10-2014
  60. Baru questions govt over national parks within Bakun dam, 09-07-2013
  61. Bestinet: We just started a trial run, 05-02-2015
  62. Bestinet: We're not responsible for hefty visa processing fee, 29-01-2015
  63. 'Better benefits under managed float system', 23-11-2014
  64. Billboards on GST ineffective, says NGO, 03-06-2014
  65. 'Biometric system for polls may be considered', 18-07-2013
  66. Biometric system scrapped, indelible ink stays, 15-08-2013
  67. Bourdon: Jasbir's statements do not count, 13-08-2013
  68. Budget 2014: Consumers need not worry about price hikes on sugary products for now, 27-10-2013
  69. Budget 2014: Public to be informed on how GST will work, 27-10-2013
  70. Budget 2014: Tax reduction will help lower-income group, says Tee Yong, 27-10-2013
  71. Bukit Relau: Tycoon breaks his silence, 18-11-2013
  72. 'Bumiputera rights to remain sacrosanct in TPP', 02-08-2013
  73. Cabinet to carve out tobacco from TPPA, 15-08-2013
  74. Call to quit over GST unfair, say Customs officers, 06-06-2014
  75. 'Car duties generate income', 07-10-2013
  76. Cash, then assets, 1MDB funds in Singapore now in 'units', 21-05-2015
  77. Chinese youths shunning our event, so we brought in Korean groups, says Khairy, 13-11-2013
  78. Chua: BR1M payout wont lead to higher deficit, 30-10-2014
  79. Chua: Reveal more info on TPPA for public scrutiny, 29-08-2013
  80. Circuit trip causes power blackout in Sarawak, 27-06-2013
  81. Citing secrecy provisions, Putrajaya clams up over 1MDB loan query, 18-06-2015
  82. City Hall received 80,000 objection letters as of Monday, 17-12-2013
  83. City Hall to reassess rates, 25-11-2013
  84. Coastal highway alignment to be reviewed, 11-06-2014
  85. Come 2016, BR1M only for essential goods, says Treasury, 13-10-2014
  86. 'Come clean over klia2 fee', 17-05-2014
  87. Confidentiality needed in TPPA negotiations, 02-08-2013
  88. Congestion study findings at Causeway will determine further action for RTS implementation, 31-03-2015
  89. Contractor fails to complete RM240mil Sungai Melaka project on time, 29-05-2015
  90. Cops rule out CBT in Melbourne property deal, 29-06-2015
  91. Criticism inaccurate: Syabas, 17-05-2014
  92. Daim: 1MDB should not keep funds overseas, 07-11-2014
  93. DBKL gets 35,000 objection letters, 11-12-2013
  94. Deputy minister says RM400b cost main reason not to take over toll highways, 30-09-2013
  95. Detractors Of Murum Resettlement Exercise Told To Refer To Action Plan, 25-09-2013
  96. Dewan Rakyat says aye to Government AES takeover, silent on compensation package, 05-12-2013
  97. Did the budget meet rakyat's aspirations?, 25-10-2013
  98. DID: Public help crucial to ensure contamination is detected immediately, 03-09-2013
  99. 'Diesel dumping not a new issue', 09-09-2013
  100. Diesel spillage cleaned up, 01-09-2013
  101. Direct negotiation award of mega-project criticised, 16-07-2013
  102. Discussion on KL-Singapore high speed rail link still on, 07-05-2014
  103. Do more to curb water wastage, say experts, 27-04-2014
  104. Documents debunk claims, 03-08-2013
  105. DOE to study differences, 12-07-2013
  106. 'Don't blame Bakun for blackout', 29-07-2013
  107. Don't 'punish Malaysians' with GST, Pua tells Najib, 05-08-2013
  108. Dr M to 1MDB: Less talk, more proof, 18-06-2015
  109. Dr M: Pact can plunge country into crisis, 30-08-2013
  110. Dr M: PPSMI should have been embedded in National Education Blueprint, 12-09-2013
  111. Dr M: US dangling trans-Pacific trade as 'bait' to colonise Malaysia, 26-08-2013
  112. Dr M: We can't impose currency control under TPPA, 29-08-2013
  113. Drastic cut in prices will hit used-car industry, 24-07-2013
  114. Electricity subsidy gradualisation: Bills below RM70 not affected, 18-12-2013
  115. EPF denies issuing bonds to MAS, 20-05-2014
  116. EPF loaned RM25 billion to debt-ridden Pembinaan PFI, 11-06-2015
  117. EPF: Quill Mall Part Of Portfolio Of Retail Assets, 02-07-2013
  118. EPF's purchase of Quill mall raises questions, 06-07-2013
  119. Esszone safer than Kuala Lumpur, says Shahidan, 30-10-2014
  120. Even if debts paid, 1MDB managers accountable for missing money, says Dr M, 29-05-2015
  121. Exco man declines comment on direct tender, 09-12-2013
  122. Explain salary-based mechanism in detail, Government urged, 28-10-2014
  123. 'Extra RM1b for sugar makers', 29-10-2013
  124. Federal govt will study proposals on airport from Kedah and Penang, says Liow, 30-06-2014
  125. Felcra directors paid themselves without ministry nod, PAC says, 03-11-2014
  126. Felda shares down due to uncertain oil palm prices, says Isa, 05-08-2013
  127. Final report on 1MDB done by year-end, A-G says, 02-07-2015
  128. Finance Ministry: KWAP, EPF invested nearly RM3b in 1MDB, subsidiaries, 19-05-2015
  129. Fitch says fuel price hike cannot alter Malaysia's negative outlook, 03-09-2013
  130. 'Flight safety assured at klia2', 07-11-2014
  131. Focus on 4 elements to enhance security in ESSZone: Hishammuddin, 05-06-2014
  132. For the record... a statement from 1MDB - Lodin Wok Kamaruddin, 22-12-2014
  133. Foreign vessels must ply gazetted route in ESSZone - Zahid, 08-05-2014
  134. Forest City developer wants thorough investigation into mass fish death, 15-03-2015
  135. Formula to address oil royalties, 13-07-2014
  136. FT Minister confirms government's plan to sell prime land, 29-01-2015
  137. 'Fuel hike not the way to cut budget deficit', 05-09-2013
  138. Fuel price hike a cosmetic job to fix economy, says Rafizi, 03-09-2013
  139. Fuel subsidy plan likely in September, 25-06-2014
  140. Gloves are off for officers, 15-11-2014
  141. Government confirms award of third power plant to 1MDB, 15-10-2014
  142. Government guarantees deal will not sacrifice Malaysia's sovereignty - Mustapa, 28-06-2013
  143. Govt denies being indifferent on reviving NFC project, 25-11-2013
  144. Govt expected confusion over prepaid reload cards, 13-04-2015
  145. Govt may up income eligibility for BR1M, 02-07-2013
  146. Govt not decided how consumers will bear fuel costs, 11-07-2013
  147. Govt to commence KLIA2 cost auditing, 25-06-2014
  148. Govt to continue hiring foreign consultants, 28-10-2013
  149. Govt to implement Fuel Cost Pass-Through mechanism in 2014, 08-07-2013
  150. Govt to strengthen economic policies, 02-08-2013
  151. Govt to sue NFCorp over loan default, 06-11-2014
  152. Govt to take 3-step action against wrong doers highlighted in AG's report, 23-10-2013
  153. Govt will not absorb 1MDB debts, says Najib, 30-10-2014
  154. Govt will release GST-exempt list 'at the right time', 04-07-2014
  155. Govt yet to decide on toll fee for elevated highway, 04-07-2013
  156. GST and OPR will affect house prices, 13-05-2014
  157. GST may impact hospital bills, says KPJ, 22-04-2014
  158. GST monitoring committee to be formed before year-end: Husni, 14-11-2013
  159. GST postponement could hurt economy more, says Tee Yong, 31-10-2014
  160. GST rate may be less than 16%: Ahmad Maslan, 20-10-2013
  161. GST will help reduce 'black market' activities, says ahmad, 14-11-2013
  162. GST will not cause sudden rise in medical costs, 07-12-2014
  163. GST: 88,600 business premises inspected, 14-04-2015
  164. GST: Domestic Trade to bring up issue of reload cards with Customs, 02-04-2015
  165. GST-exempt list to result in CPI rising 1%, not 1.8%, 20-10-2014
  166. 'Halt on mega projects not a big blow to sector', 04-09-2013
  167. Hamim: Govt will not lead Malaysia to bankruptcy with TPPA, 21-07-2013
  168. Hasan Malek: Government will bar foreigners from patronising KR1M if locals are against it, 07-10-2013
  169. Heated exchange over second national astronaut programme, 22-10-2013
  170. Highlight: EPF defends mall deal, 03-07-2013
  171. 'Hisham not taking KLIA2 seriously', 03-07-2013
  172. Hishamuddin: Depressions do not affect safety of KLIA2, 20-06-2014
  173. House buyers welcome new Johor bill, 09-06-2014
  174. Housing group wants stamp duty removed when GST kicks in, 01-10-2014
  175. Ideas: Check market rate of goods, 04-10-2013
  176. I'm ready to hold talks, says Khalid, 21-08-2013
  177. Impoundment of dam won't cause immediate flooding - SEB, 24-09-2013
  178. Income scale link to fuel subsidy, 28-10-2014
  179. Increase in prices after GST a one-off, says Customs, 14-07-2014
  180. Independent panel to look into safety at KLIA2, 05-11-2014
  181. Independent panel to review problems of JPJ's MYSIKAP system, 18-11-2013
  182. 'Infrastructure funds given to NFC', 07-11-2014
  183. 'Insane' to block river bordering Kedah and Penang, 28-08-2013
  184. Instacom wins RM200m job?, 18-05-2013
  185. IPPs, oil companies are not subsidised, says Idris Jala, 17-09-2013
  186. Is the list of GST zero rated-items too many to manage?, 15-10-2014
  187. ITIS falls under 2015 budget, 17-12-2014
  188. Johor doing all it can to resolve Rapid woes, says MB, 04-08-2013
  189. Johor Government Denies PTP Land Takeover For Forest City Project, 10-07-2014
  190. Johor land grab lawsuit 'nothing to do with us', 14-05-2014
  191. Johor wants Forest City project developer to comply with EIA, 29-09-2014
  192. Just answer questions on hotel investments, no need for arrogance, DAP tells Felda chief, 30-09-2013
  193. Kamalanathan: Action to be taken against security firms that don't meet standards, 02-10-2013
  194. Kamalanathan: YTLC equipped for 1BestariNet project, 24-07-2013
  195. Khalid: Stop making baseless accusations over 'contaminated' mining water, 22-06-2014
  196. Khazanah denies criminal element in late payment of credit card bills, 07-10-2013
  197. Khazanah sold RM35.7b assets, 01-08-2013
  198. Khazanah under PAC spotlight for alleged failed ventures, 24-10-2013
  199. Khazanah will decide on what to do with MAS in 6 to 12 months, 10-06-2014
  200. Kidex project to go ahead, 20-05-2014
  201. Kidex won't happen without local council nod, Selangor tells developer, 08-05-2014
  202. KL rate hike is to help owners revalue property, says Tengku Adnan, 23-11-2013
  203. KL rate hike: Only 65,000 objection letters received so far, 16-12-2013
  204. KLIA2 cost increase due to new ‘design concept', claims Transport Minister, 19-05-2015
  205. KLIA2 'ponding' due to ineffective soil treatment, 12-11-2014
  206. 'K-Pop reaped RM140m in profits', 23-11-2013
  207. Kuala Nerang H1N1 outbreak could be caused by returning trainees, 20-05-2014
  208. Look into klia2 design, too, says PAC chief, 15-12-2014
  209. LPT2 open to public on Dec 31, 03-12-2014
  210. LRT extension project 'ready only in 2016', 30-07-2013
  211. Luas: Mining ponds used in survey different from Bestari Jaya water sources, 13-06-2014
  212. Lynas working on proposal for recycling radioactive wastes, 19-07-2013
  213. MACC finds no wrong in Felda's London luxury hotel buy, says minister, 27-05-2015
  214. MACC opens 15 investigation papers following A-G report 2012, 06-10-2013
  215. MACC proposes new law on misconduct of public office, 17-10-2013
  216. MACC: Address failings in the system, 02-10-2013
  217. MAHB has to fork out RM20m more, 20-08-2013
  218. MAHB says special parking arrangements made for AirAsia staff, 06-05-2014
  219. MAHB: Depressions at klia2 not a safety issue, 24-05-2014
  220. 'Malaysia cannot release TPP report yet', 14-08-2013
  221. Malaysia in discussion with Singapore over land reclamation work in Johor, 24-06-2014
  222. Malaysia most corrupt country? But we have anti-bribery tools, says Pemandu, 29-09-2013
  223. Malaysia not experiencing asset bubble: Zeti, 20-10-2013
  224. Malaysia seeks to clarify new Singapore toll charges, 19-09-2014
  225. Malaysia stresses commitment in Trans Pacific Partnership agreement, 04-07-2013
  226. Malaysia will not face twin deficit: Wahid Omar, 19-10-2013
  227. Malaysia-Japan venture to run NFC, but not take its RM250 million debt, 09-07-2013
  228. Malaysian companies should express needs, demand for TPPA rather than object blindly, 29-08-2013
  229. Malaysian Govt assurance on TPP pact, 27-07-2013
  230. Malaysian govt wants extra US$4.8b to cover overspending, 24-09-2013
  231. 'Malaysian suppliers may face higher import tariffs under TPPA', 16-08-2013
  232. Malaysia's FGV defends Indonesia deal, 15-06-2015
  233. Malaysia-Singapore high speed rail details to be finalised next year, 22-10-2014
  234. 'Managed float system has helped strengthen ringgit', 20-11-2013
  235. Many take to social media to question how the proposed scheme would be implemented, 28-10-2014
  236. MARA chairman says will probe alleged involvement of officials in Melbourne property fraud, 23-06-2015
  237. MB: No executive powers for Sultan under new Johor housing board bill, 07-06-2014
  238. MB: Sore losers behind harmful water claims, 11-05-2014
  239. MB: Syabas used NRW pipe funds to buy cars, office spaces, 05-07-2013
  240. Measures to cushion rakyat from GST impact out soon, 14-10-2014
  241. MH370: RM27.6mil spent so far on food, fuel for Malaysian agencies in search operations, 09-06-2014
  242. Mind your own business, Felda boss tells Guan Eng, 29-09-2013
  243. Minister confirms power plant takeover from 1MDB, 19-06-2015
  244. Ministry defers assessment rate hike indefinitely, 27-11-2013
  245. Ministry reveals Ranhill built Serdang Hospital, mum on falling ceilings, 18-12-2013
  246. Ministry to probe financial abuses in health project, 09-04-2014
  247. MITI: We will lose out without TPPA, 01-08-2013
  248. Mitigation measures pointless, says NGO, 22-12-2014
  249. MOE stumped over RM6b PPSMI's 'success', 03-07-2013
  250. 'Monopoly' questioned, 30-10-2014
  251. 'More defaulters would pay PTPTN loans if admin charges were scrapped', 03-09-2013
  252. MP questions acquisition of IPPs by 1MDB, 11-07-2013
  253. MPM Wants Government To Entrust Whole Power Generation To TNB, 22-06-2014
  254. MRT Corp: Possible delay to Bukit Bintang station but project on track, 29-08-2013
  255. MRT Study: Pua Questions McKinsey Appointment, 09-03-2011
  256. Murum HEP on track to deliver Sarawak power demand, 23-09-2013
  257. My job at FGVH is safe, says its new CEO, 18-07-2013
  258. MyEG explains foreign-worker permit renewals, 09-01-2015
  259. MyEG initiated due to public request, 14-01-2015
  260. Najib gave final okay for purchase of Melbourne property, says Mara chairman, 24-06-2015
  261. Najib wants more money for shopping, 25-10-2013
  262. Najib: 1MDB has more assets than liabilities, 09-04-2015
  263. Najib: 1MDB investment turned into assets, 21-05-2015
  264. Najib: I will consider Dr Mahathir's criticism, 09-04-2015
  265. Najib: New RON95 petrol subsidy scheme to take effect mid-2015, diesel earlier, 30-10-2014
  266. National and international standards used for RAPID project in Pengerang, 11-07-2013
  267. National Feedlot Centre should explain operations, says Muhyiddin, 16-11-2011
  268. 'National Service is about unity', 29-10-2013
  269. NCR land in joint ventures not affected by court ruling, 16-07-2013
  270. Negotiators To Focus On Nitty-Gritty Aspects Of TPPA, 30-08-2013
  271. Negri taking back NFC farm lands, 10-12-2014
  272. New assessment rates will take effect on January 1, insists Tengku Adnan, 28-11-2013
  273. New firm set to pay off NFC debts, 11-07-2013
  274. New firm to man AES cameras, 25-09-2013
  275. NFC buyout includes assuming RM250m debt, says chairman Salleh, 25-07-2013
  276. No Conflict Of Interest In Yinson Acquisition, Says Mokhzani, 18-06-2013
  277. No decision yet whether GST will be imposed on fuel: Ahmad Maslan, 06-06-2014
  278. 'No fraud in buying of Rela uniforms', 09-04-2014
  279. No GST on prepaid reloads but tax on usage, Putrajaya says, 13-05-2015
  280. No hike in airport tax for klia2, 20-08-2013
  281. No jet-setter, she jets for work, she's Rosmah, 16-12-2013
  282. No mention of dissatisfaction with EPF, says Ambrin, 10-04-2014
  283. No open tender conducted for flood mitigation project, admits state official, 12-12-2013
  284. No report against farm despite DPM's orders, 30-11-2014
  285. No Report Of Excessive Slash Of Department Expenditure, 10-02-1998
  286. No settlement, says Khazanah, 19-07-2013
  287. Noh: Govt discussing with firms to take over feedlot centre's operations, 30-10-2012
  288. Now, Rosmah can fly in jets, 18-11-2013
  289. OGX Says Petronas Has No Right to Delay Brazil Deal Over Debt, 29-08-2013
  290. Only one bone of contention left in water deal: Azmin, 30-06-2015
  291. Original plan was for new MRT2 to start from Sg Buloh and not Selayang, 13-10-2014
  292. PAC chief blames Khazanah for lack of oversight in MAS-AirAsia deal gone wrong, 09-09-2013
  293. PAC chief satisfied with Shabery's explanation on K-pop concert, 21-11-2013
  294. PAC member: Independent KLIA2 audit inadequate, will not uncover cost overruns' ‘culprits', 12-12-2014
  295. PAC questions RM100m bill for 1km rail extension to KLIA2, 28-04-2014
  296. PAC slams MAHB over KLIA2, 26-11-2014
  297. PAC starts own probe on 1MDB, says won't wait for federal audit, 11-05-2015
  298. PAC to haul up three agencies for incomplete projects and cost overruns, 02-12-2013
  299. PAC to question Auditor-General over initial findings on 1MDB, 02-07-2015
  300. PAC to recommend action against Petronas over contraband bikes fiasco, 24-10-2013
  301. PAC to submit NFC report to Parliament on Tuesday, 20-11-2013
  302. PAC wants to quiz minister on RM2b school security fiasco, 28-11-2013
  303. Pahang to help those affected by illegal farms op, 26-05-2015
  304. Pakatan rep questions potential jump in TNB profit, 04-12-2013
  305. Pan Borneo Highway to be fast-tracked, 12-10-2014
  306. Paramount duty to Selangor, not highway developers, MB told, 01-05-2014
  307. Parliament: 1MDB 'appropriately' paid Goldman Sachs fees, 10-06-2015
  308. Parliament: Government denies Ekuinas lost RM400mil over land buy in Singapore, 21-10-2013
  309. Parliament: No Proposal To Change 1MDB Board Members - Ahmad Husni, 29-06-2015
  310. PAS questions AES takeover deal, how much Putrajaya has to pay concessionaires, 15-09-2013
  311. Paya Peda dam contractor directed to complete project by June, 08-04-2014
  312. Penang Sentral project to start this year, 10-05-2014
  313. Penans question Najib's 1Malaysia clinics, 21-02-2013
  314. Perkasa lauds PM's decision on MAS, 21-08-2013
  315. Perlis dryport not as bad as it seems - Penang Port, 14-11-2013
  316. Petrol subsidy rationalisation system using MyKad being studied, says Ahmad Maslan, 23-10-2014
  317. Petrol's GST dilemma, 17-09-2014
  318. Petronas assures safety at Sabah-Sarawak gas pipeline, 12-06-2014
  319. Petronas defends Bumiputera record, says no to companies without expertise, 05-10-2013
  320. Petronas need not pay oil royalty, 25-09-2014
  321. Petronas percentage contribution to total Govt revenue to reduce, 20-11-2013
  322. PKR: Land belongs to federal govt, not Awan Megah, 08-01-2013
  323. PKR: LTAT unit 'bailing out' Raja Ropiah's firm, 14-03-2013
  324. PM: Govt will act if crude prices go up, 06-12-2014
  325. PM's Department told to come clean on ad spending, 21-08-2013
  326. Police form 212 inquiry committees to investigate assets loss, 02-10-2013
  327. Poser over panda costs, 14-10-2013
  328. 'Power tariff increase will hurt consumers', 21-08-2013
  329. Power tariff will follow fuel price, 10-07-2013
  330. PPSMI not meant to improve students' English, 04-07-2013
  331. Prasarana defends RM14m KL bridge over hazard claims, 23-08-2013
  332. Prices up 30% since GST introduced - senator, 24-04-2015
  333. Privatising MAS: Cronyism at work?, 19-08-2013
  334. Probe into dead getting aid, 08-10-2013
  335. Probe into 'illegal transfer' done, 19-07-2013
  336. Probe on 1MDB's BSI account, 27-05-2015
  337. Property Purchase In Melbourne According To Procedures - Mohd Shafie, 27-06-2015
  338. Proposals on toll rate restructure to be submitted to NEAC soon, 04-06-2014
  339. Proposed GST Aims To Promote Tourism, 20-08-2013
  340. Pua asks Deloitte Malaysia to explain 1MDB audit, 13-02-2015
  341. Pua: Why the special treatment for Malindo Air?, 01-07-2013
  342. PUC Founder banks on solar PV project to provide sustainable revenue, 17-03-2015
  343. Putrajaya asked to explain loan for RM1.5b highway privatisation, 15-02-2013
  344. Putrajaya confirms support letter for 1MDB in EXIM Bank loan, 16-06-2015
  345. Putrajaya gives assurance PTPTN defaulters will not be 'victimised', 20-08-2013
  346. Putrajaya has guaranteed debts of RM172 billion, says Najib, 18-06-2015
  347. Putrajaya must help 9 firms pay billions annually, says Najib, 09-06-2015
  348. Putrajaya spent RM7.2b, or RM4m a day, on private consultants, Parliament told, 13-11-2013
  349. Putrajaya to use fiscal reforms to reward rural supporters, 04-09-2013
  350. QSR MD Zaki says not aware of management changes in JCorp, 14-06-2013
  351. Rafizi claims link between EC's contracts for caps to indelible ink supplier, 23-07-2013
  352. Rafizi names supplier of indelible ink, 16-07-2013
  353. Rail Project For Iskandar Malaysia A Private Sector Initiative, Says Masteel, 16-07-2013
  354. Rais grilled in Parliament over YTL-700MHz saga, 30-11-2010
  355. 'Raja' term to provide check and balance, 10-06-2014
  356. Rare earth permanent disposal location being finalised, 04-07-2013
  357. Recent commercial 1MDB & IPIC transaction not guaranteed by Govt: 1MDB, 29-06-2015
  358. Report on rail project to S'pore ready by month end, 10-07-2013
  359. Residents To Benefit From Less Traffic Upon Kidex' Completion, 21-05-2014
  360. Rights of owners of NCR land on islands in Bakun recognised - Rep, 08-07-2013
  361. RM1.8 billion Sabah highway upgrades in stages - minister, 25-07-2013
  362. RM2.5 million in utility bills for PM's residence in 2012, 28-10-2013
  363. RM270 million paid to train teachers in English is absurd, says DAP, 21-10-2013
  364. RM290 billion profit over 30 years for controversial Johor project, says report, 15-09-2014
  365. RM663 million e-learning contract misused to fund YTL's 4G roll-out, says Zairil, 25-07-2013
  366. RM80m of NFCorp's RM250m debts recovered, 12-07-2013
  367. RM86.35b worth of projects may be deferred or shelved: HLIB Research, 05-09-2013
  368. Ruckus in Sarawak assembly over appointment of Pan Borneo Highway contractor, 28-04-2015
  369. Ruling on sale of NCR land among Dayaks in need of review, says Masing, 14-07-2013
  370. Runway in delayed KLIA2 airport won't sink, assures Hishamuddin, 07-10-2013
  371. Sarawak Energy Bhd denies work on Baram Dam has started, 26-09-2013
  372. Scorpene deal architect removed early on: Suaram, 31-07-2013
  373. Scorpene deal: Jasbir must tell the truth, 30-07-2013
  374. Selangor admits to lax river checks, 05-09-2013
  375. Selangor benefits from federal funds, 31-08-2013
  376. Selangor gets nod to take over water supply, 02-07-2013
  377. Selangor says water reserves can last six months, 17-05-2014
  378. Several locations along North-South Expressway being upgraded to ease congestion, 14-11-2013
  379. Shahidan: Permata's finances managed by civil service, 10-06-2015
  380. Some EC officials unhappy with power plant awarding process, 13-06-2014
  381. SOP set up to ensure 1Malaysia netbook quality guaranteed - Kamalanathan, 11-06-2014
  382. SRC in bigger trouble than expected, 01-04-2015
  383. State govt have yet to decide public hearing date on EKVE development, 20-05-2014
  384. State to bear cost of duty-free complex, 24-09-2014
  385. Sternest action to be taken against owner who discharged oil into Sg Selangor, 01-09-2013
  386. Still no takers for failed NFC project, Putrajaya reveals, 23-10-2013
  387. Stop speculating, 13-06-2014
  388. Structural flaw to PKNS flyover?, 01-03-2013
  389. Study on new electricity tariff to be completed next year, 21-11-2013
  390. Subra: Medical cost to increase 2pc under GST, 05-12-2014
  391. Subramaniam admits GST for healthcare, pledges minimal effects, 07-11-2013
  392. Syabas queried over water sold to industries, 22-04-2014
  393. Syabas says can't pay creditors or replace pipes, despite big bonus for boss, 19-08-2013
  394. Syed Ismail: Call to charge NFCorp directors just a recommendation, 28-02-2012
  395. Taib: I shut out CMS from my life, 27-11-2014
  396. 'Tariff tweaks won't hit users', 20-08-2013
  397. Tax collection won't be invested in stocks/bonds: MOF, 19-06-2014
  398. Tax exemption for 40 essential items if GST is introduced - Husni, 24-08-2013
  399. Tengku Adnan: Unfair to make quit call, 01-12-2013
  400. The increase must not be drastic: Tengku Adnan, 27-11-2013
  401. The key is in reducing expenditure, 25-10-2013
  402. The political hypocrisy of Johor BN, 13-05-2014
  403. Those behind S'wak power outage face action, 12-07-2013
  404. Throw away assessment hike notices, says Ku Nan, 30-11-2013
  405. TI-M lauds MACC for latest arrest of former CEO for bribery, 24-10-2013
  406. Time will tell in 1MDB case, 15-06-2015
  407. TNB denies unfair advantage in power plant bids, 06-08-2013
  408. TNB: No incremental rise in profit, 20-12-2013
  409. Toilet breaks among reasons for cops losing guns, 23-10-2013
  410. Tok Pa defends TPPA negotiators, says following Cabinet mandate, 10-09-2013
  411. Toll rates lower with extended concession period - MHA, 19-04-2015
  412. 'Toothbrush maker financing Puspahanas', 04-01-2013
  413. Total transparency on TPPA is impossible, 28-08-2013
  414. TPP countries reaffirm aim for year-end conclusion, 23-08-2013
  415. TPPA may lead to costly drugs, 21-08-2013
  416. TPPA puts ICT growth at risk, says NGO, 19-07-2013
  417. TPPA serves the interest of the United States, warns Dr Mahathir, 26-08-2013
  418. Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement likely to benefit M'sian car companies, 12-08-2013
  419. Truth on 2001 sale of Renong/UEM finally coming out?, 13-06-2013
  420. Tun M to govt: Stop being so secretive on TPPA, 26-08-2013
  421. UEM-Bina Puri JV will revisit LAD once job done, 19-06-2013
  422. 'Unsure mine water 100pc safe to drink', 17-04-2014
  423. 'Unsure mine water 100pc safe to drink', 17-05-2014
  424. US understands Bumi policy regarding TPPA: US Trade Rep, 07-05-2015
  425. Use open tender, not direct negotiation for new power plant project, says group, 15-06-2014
  426. Utility bills for PM's residence among the 'lowest' in the world: Shahidan, 11-11-2013
  427. Wahid sets the record straight on diesel price increase, 05-12-2014
  428. Wahid: PM to decide when to start GST, 20-10-2013
  429. Water cut in Klang Valley due to pollutants in river, says Azmin, 12-10-2014
  430. Water cut: No water crisis in Klang Valley, says Elizabeth Wong, 31-08-2013
  431. Water from mining pools containing hazardous substances: MMA, 10-05-2014
  432. 'Water quality conforms to Ministry's standard', 22-05-2014
  433. 'Water rate hike to ensure supply in Penang', 25-08-2013
  434. 'Water treatment plants do not have capacity to treat metal in pond water', 14-04-2014
  435. We don't know of airstrip, say departments, 04-08-2013
  436. 'We'd never heard of Altantuya', 03-08-2013
  437. What bailout! firms now offer higher for Tabung Haji land, says Najib, 10-05-2015
  438. 'What for?' Rafidah Aziz asks of GST ad blitz, 11-05-2014
  439. What you're denying is not what we allege, The Edge tells 1MDB, 08-06-2015
  440. 'Where's the CAT in Penang govt?', 05-12-2013
  441. 'Why is one man, not bumi farmers, benefitting from Bernas privatisation?', 12-11-2013
  442. 'Why purchase expensive Chromebook models?', 16-07-2013
  443. Works ministry to conduct thorough review on highway tolls, 12-06-2014
  444. YTL says spectrum for digital TV, not broadband, 26-11-2010
  445. YTLPower's withdrawal from power plant casts doubts on implementation, 19-06-2014
  446. Zeti questions Fitch's outlook on Malaysia, 23-04-2015

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