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Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) Project

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Process list
  1. 2007-08-13, Disaster Zone
  2. 2008-04-09, A sea of whys
  3. 2009-05-31, The authorities must act on PKFZ
  4. 2009-08-13, A long fishing line
  5. 2009-09-10, For whom the bell tolls
  6. 2009-09-13, Daim: PKFZ fiasco provides best opportunity
  7. 2009-10-13, Continuity in PKFZ probe crucial
  8. 2009-11-27, Malaysia's Growing Port Scandal
  9. 2009-12-10, Timeline : The PKFZ scandal
  10. 2009-12-28, Story of the year The headline-grabbing scandal
  11. 2010-02-11, Just the facts please
  12. 2010-02-18, Party comes first.
  13. 2010-04-17, Explosive Submarine Scandal Erupts!
  14. 2010-07-01, Key events at PKFZ
  15. 2010-07-02, Uncertainty still ahead n PKFZ bond sag
  16. 2010-07-28, Dr Chua should deal with PKFZ first
  17. 2010-07-29, No one's above law, says Tee Keat
  18. 2010-07-30, Former MCA president is charged in court Sakmongkol AK47
  19. 2010-07-30, Has BN opened a Pandora's Box? - The Malaysian Insider
  20. 2010-07-30, Ong cries double standards in PKFZ bond payment
  21. 2010-08-02, Are the corrupt nervous yet?
  22. 2010-08-02, 'Ling can rest easy, PKFZ another Perwaja'.
  23. 2010-08-18, Will they hook the big fish?
  24. 2010-08-25, The search for the truth starts.
  25. 2010-09-03, Liong Sik puts government in tight spot -Clara Chooi

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