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Year - 2015

Process list
  1. 2015-01-02, RM43bil to give Kampung Baru a facelift
  2. 2015-01-05, Banker to helm 1MDB
  3. 2015-01-06, 1MDB responsible borrower and never defaulted, says new chief
  4. 2015-01-06, Bank Negara grills top executives as 1MDB fails to settle RM2 billion debt again
  5. 2015-01-06, Billionaire Ananda Krishnan in talks to invest in 1MDB power asset listing
  6. 2015-01-07, Attacks against 1MDB largely due to ‘misunderstandings', new chief says
  7. 2015-01-09, MyEG explains foreign-worker permit renewals
  8. 2015-01-09, MyEG gets permit job - and flak
  9. 2015-01-13, 1MDB says has redeemed in full US$2 billion invested in Cayman Islands
  10. 2015-01-14, Green light for Johor Forest City
  11. 2015-01-14, MyEG initiated due to public request
  12. 2015-01-19, No approval for Bukit Relau land clearing, Guan Eng tells court
  13. 2015-01-20, Budget Revision: Highlights
  14. 2015-01-20, Budget Revision: RM8.9bil for flood recovery efforts
  15. 2015-01-21, PKR demand explanation from Home Ministry on Bestinet's contract
  16. 2015-01-24, 1MDB already audited, no basis for PAC to start probe, chief says
  17. 2015-01-28, 1MDB seeking another loan extension
  18. 2015-01-28, Bank Negara powerless to act on 1MDB loan extension request, says report
  19. 2015-01-29, Bestinet: We're not responsible for hefty visa processing fee
  20. 2015-01-29, FT Minister confirms government's plan to sell prime land
  21. 2015-02-01, Govt calling for more tenders for Iskandar Malaysia train system
  22. 2015-02-04, The RM8bil BBCC project receives interests from global investors
  23. 2015-02-05, Attack on bloggers to undercut me, Dr M says
  24. 2015-02-05, Bestinet: We just started a trial run
  25. 2015-02-11, Daim: Clear Air On 1MDB
  26. 2015-02-12, Ananda Krishnan to pay 1MDB loan ahead of deadline, sources say
  27. 2015-02-12, TG Offshore's Tan files report with SC
  28. 2015-02-13, Pua asks Deloitte Malaysia to explain 1MDB audit
  29. 2015-02-18, 1MDB completes strategic review, no new investments to be made
  30. 2015-02-18, 1MDB: TRX, Bandar Malaysia to sell land development rights, plan JVs (Update1)
  31. 2015-03-01, All funds from 1MDB went to PetroSaudi-owned entities
  32. 2015-03-02, Khazanah to inject RM1.6b in restructuring MAS
  33. 2015-03-03, TM, TT dotCom to install submarine cable
  34. 2015-03-04, 1MDB, auditors brief Cabinet
  35. 2015-03-04, Auditor General to verify 1MDB's accounts
  36. 2015-03-05, 1MDB here to stay, says spokesman
  37. 2015-03-05, 1MDB sheds light, explains RM2bil debt, eyes listing
  38. 2015-03-05, Malaysia's 1MDB to be dismantled under debt plan - sources
  39. 2015-03-06, Leading think-tanks hail PM's call for probe into 1MDB account
  40. 2015-03-06, MAS upgrades plane tracking system
  41. 2015-03-06, MIA urged to probe 1MDB auditor KPMG
  42. 2015-03-06, PAC wants A-G to focus on five crucial points in probe
  43. 2015-03-07, 1MDB receives clean audit report by CCM - Hasan
  44. 2015-03-09, MACC nabs Felda subsidiary CEO over Port Dickson hotel purchase
  45. 2015-03-10, 1MDB audit will cover all accounts, says Auditor-General
  46. 2015-03-10, Bank Negara must investigate Jho Low for money laundering, says DAP
  47. 2015-03-11, 1MDB's US$1.103b now in Singapore: Najib in Parliament
  48. 2015-03-12, ‘I've nothing to hide': Malaysia's Jho Low breaks silence to deny money laundering allegations
  49. 2015-03-12, Wastage will only end if we have misconduct law, says anti-graft panel
  50. 2015-03-13, PetroSaudi dismisses online criticisms of 1MDB as inaccurate
  51. 2015-03-14, Audit of 1MDB not enough: Dr M
  52. 2015-03-15, Forest City developer wants thorough investigation into mass fish death
  53. 2015-03-16, Ex-admiral: Group manipulated Navy procurement system
  54. 2015-03-16, Japan keen on High Speed Rail project, says DPM
  55. 2015-03-16, TIA ‘full dress rehearsal' for 1MDB scandal
  56. 2015-03-17, More elevated Bus Rapid Transit to be built, says Prasarana
  57. 2015-03-17, PUC Founder banks on solar PV project to provide sustainable revenue
  58. 2015-03-18, Hishammuddin: Sulu Sea oil platform forward base ready next month
  59. 2015-03-18, PAC: Felda makes improvement in purchasing management
  60. 2015-03-19, 1MDB Real Estate, Lend Lease seal partnership to develop TRX Lifestyle Quarter
  61. 2015-03-19, Malaysia's banking system exposure to 1MDB is a manageable risk: Fitch Ratings
  62. 2015-03-20, Fernandes: AirAsia to sell aircraft worth US$271m
  63. 2015-03-23, Ekuinas ends FY14 with two deals worth RM124m
  64. 2015-03-23, RM2.5b for Sarawak rural development this year
  65. 2015-03-24, Bank Negara to do its part in 1MDB probe
  66. 2015-03-24, Malaysians overreacting to ringgit's fall and 1MDB issues, says economist
  67. 2015-03-24, Xin Eco Marine Group Properties Sdn Bhd
  68. 2015-03-25, Government To Appoint Seven Banks To Help Customs Dept In GST Implementation
  69. 2015-03-26, 1MDB loans with local banks totalled RM5.037 billion: PM
  70. 2015-03-26, Bina Puri to build massive sewerage treatment plant in Kuala Lumpur
  71. 2015-03-26, Power plant on track for 2016, says Tanjung Bin Energy
  72. 2015-03-27, MoF creates special task force to help 1MDB implement strategic review
  73. 2015-03-31, Congestion study findings at Causeway will determine further action for RTS implementation
  74. 2015-04-01, New tax system will ensure most of 84% who do not pay their dues do so
  75. 2015-04-01, No charges for 1,076km stretch of highway as it's the only road network across state
  76. 2015-04-01, SRC in bigger trouble than expected
  77. 2015-04-02, Consumers to pay GST for prepaid phone cards but get extra airtime
  78. 2015-04-02, GST: Domestic Trade to bring up issue of reload cards with Customs
  79. 2015-04-02, Mustapa: Malaysia to decide on TPPA in Q3 2015
  80. 2015-04-02, Stubborn telco companies will be brought to court: Ahmad Maslan
  81. 2015-04-02, TPP negotiations making progress
  82. 2015-04-03, Dialog gets shareholders' nod for investment projects worth RM2.6b
  83. 2015-04-03, Phone prepaid cards revert to old prices from May, says Ahmad Maslan
  84. 2015-04-04, Dr M says has 'lost faith' due to corruption claims
  85. 2015-04-07, MRCB is buying German Embassy land for RM259.16mil
  86. 2015-04-07, RM3mil lost to BR1M cheats
  87. 2015-04-07, Shell Malaysia to build largest upstream O&G laboratory in Sarawak
  88. 2015-04-07, Spotlight on 'less popular' ministries
  89. 2015-04-07, Telco sector biggest winner post-GST, tax absorbed by subscribers
  90. 2015-04-09, Najib: 1MDB has more assets than liabilities
  91. 2015-04-09, Najib: Auditor-General ordered to verify if 1MDB funds used for film
  92. 2015-04-09, Najib: I will consider Dr Mahathir's criticism
  93. 2015-04-10, FGV graphene plant in Malaysia set to be completed in two years
  94. 2015-04-10, Malaysia's train assembly plant gets Siemens certificate of acceptance
  95. 2015-04-10, PAC: Ministry didn't get back to us
  96. 2015-04-13, Govt expected confusion over prepaid reload cards
  97. 2015-04-13, GST: I want service tax to be abolished - Hasan Malek
  98. 2015-04-14, GST: 88,600 business premises inspected
  99. 2015-04-14, Phase 2 of Pan Borneo Highway to start in Sept
  100. 2015-04-16, 11MP to address poverty from a multi-dimensional perspective: Wahid Omar
  101. 2015-04-19, 1MDB focus now on solving current issues, IPO crucial, says Abdul Wahid
  102. 2015-04-19, ‘Bukit Botak' rezoned to residential land in 2012
  103. 2015-04-19, Toll rates lower with extended concession period - MHA
  104. 2015-04-20, EPF launches 4 initiatives to improve current pension scheme
  105. 2015-04-20, EPF pulls off best valuation possible for London property
  106. 2015-04-22, 1MDB gave false documents to Singapore's BSI Bank, says Sarawak Report
  107. 2015-04-22, To protect workers, Putrajaya agrees to keep service charge
  108. 2015-04-23, Zeti questions Fitch's outlook on Malaysia
  109. 2015-04-24, Prices up 30% since GST introduced - senator
  110. 2015-04-26, Another US$330 million went to Jho Low, says Sarawak Report
  111. 2015-04-27, Abu Dhabi removes Jho Low contact
  112. 2015-04-27, Umno seniors moving against 1MDB, says veteran journalist
  113. 2015-04-28, 1MDB should disclose what needs to be disclosed, says CIMB chairman
  114. 2015-04-28, Ruckus in Sarawak assembly over appointment of Pan Borneo Highway contractor
  115. 2015-04-29, GTP/ETP report: Highlights
  116. 2015-04-29, MAHB unit wins RM24mil contract in Qatar
  117. 2015-04-29, Melaka information centre will be developed in China, says Idris Haron
  118. 2015-04-29, Renewal of worker's permit to be fully online from May 2, says MyEG
  119. 2015-04-30, MyEG rebounds as foreign workers renewal resolved
  120. 2015-04-30, TNB signs pact to operate power facility
  121. 2015-04-30, UEM Sunrise's Iskandar security deal fails to get Home Ministry approval
  122. 2015-05-01, A month after GST: Customs GST director explains why there are price differences
  123. 2015-05-01, Petronas Gas to spend RM1.8b
  124. 2015-05-01, Prices down a month after GST
  125. 2015-05-01, UEM Sunrise shifts focus away from Johor due to glut in the state
  126. 2015-05-03, Petronas completes acquisition of Azerbaijan assets
  127. 2015-05-04, Cabinet panel on GST crucial, says academician
  128. 2015-05-04, IJM said to consider buying 1MDB's power assets - report
  129. 2015-05-04, Seven bidders for Samalaju Port contract
  130. 2015-05-05, Cahya Mata to expand cement production capacity by 60%
  131. 2015-05-05, Five Tier 2 developers bid for Kwasa Land's next residential development
  132. 2015-05-05, HSR project to boost KL-Singapore economic integration: Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  133. 2015-05-05, MAHB's net profit for FY14 jumps 135.4 per cent to RM719.7 million
  134. 2015-05-05, New deadline for High Speed Rail project
  135. 2015-05-06, MAHB reviews claims
  136. 2015-05-06, Perwaja, Kinsteel shares soar with plant revival plan
  137. 2015-05-06, Syed Mokhtar-linked firm, Utusan unit battle to buy government printers
  138. 2015-05-07, 1MDB sells a plot of land to Lembaga Tabung Haji for about US$53 million
  139. 2015-05-07, US understands Bumi policy regarding TPPA: US Trade Rep
  140. 2015-05-08, MBSB eyeing KFH Malaysia in bid to become full-fledged Islamic bank
  141. 2015-05-09, After TRX land row, Umno veep says international auditors should vet 1MDB's books
  142. 2015-05-10, ‘We can build HSR by 2020'
  143. 2015-05-10, What bailout! firms now offer higher for Tabung Haji land, says Najib
  144. 2015-05-11, PAC hauls up top civil servants to answer on 1MDB
  145. 2015-05-11, PAC starts own probe on 1MDB, says won't wait for federal audit
  146. 2015-05-12, A-G says 1MDB probe top priority, confirms interim report ready by June
  147. 2015-05-12, EPF says not offered to buy or invest in 1MDB's land
  148. 2015-05-12, Sunway buys PJ land for RM286mil
  149. 2015-05-13, Low-cost airlines ‘likely to bear brunt of High-Speed Rail's impact': Analysts
  150. 2015-05-13, No GST on prepaid reloads but tax on usage, Putrajaya says
  151. 2015-05-14, Telcos: Six months to switch to usage-based charge for prepaid
  152. 2015-05-15, Judge opts out of Rafizi's BAFIA case over family ties with ex-minister's husband
  153. 2015-05-18, Ex-NFCorp consultant gets 73 years' jail for cheating, money-laundering
  154. 2015-05-19, Finance Ministry: KWAP, EPF invested nearly RM3b in 1MDB, subsidiaries
  155. 2015-05-19, KLIA2 cost increase due to new ‘design concept', claims Transport Minister
  156. 2015-05-20, DEIG launched, aims to streamline state's assets under GLCs
  157. 2015-05-21, 11MP: 60% of 1.5m jobs created by 2020 to require TVET-related skills
  158. 2015-05-21, 11MP: 95% of populated areas with broadband infrastructure target
  159. 2015-05-21, 11MP: At least two local varsities must make QS Top 100, says Putrajaya
  160. 2015-05-21, 11MP: Better Doctor-Patient Ratio Under 11MP
  161. 2015-05-21, 11MP: City Competitiveness Master Plan for four major cities
  162. 2015-05-21, 11MP: Saving lives with better disaster risk management
  163. 2015-05-21, Cash, then assets, 1MDB funds in Singapore now in 'units'
  164. 2015-05-21, Najib: 1MDB investment turned into assets
  165. 2015-05-21, Prasarana Hails Public Transport Initiatives Under 11MP
  166. 2015-05-21, RMK11: Five Major 11MP Works Ministry Projects To Boost Construction Industry
  167. 2015-05-22, 'Bottom 40' group to be uplifted to middle-class
  168. 2015-05-22, Deadwood to get the boot
  169. 2015-05-26, Leaked documents show PM's approval required for all deals under 1MDB precursor
  170. 2015-05-26, Pahang to help those affected by illegal farms op
  171. 2015-05-27, MACC finds no wrong in Felda's London luxury hotel buy, says minister
  172. 2015-05-27, Nexgram in talks with 1MDB, eyeing last available land at TRX
  173. 2015-05-27, Probe on 1MDB's BSI account
  174. 2015-05-29, Bicycle allowance, claims contributed to MAS' financial woes
  175. 2015-05-29, Contractor fails to complete RM240mil Sungai Melaka project on time
  176. 2015-05-29, Even if debts paid, 1MDB managers accountable for missing money, says Dr M
  177. 2015-05-30, Halim: Don't compare Renong with 1MDB
  178. 2015-05-31, Ex-IGP: Cops must probe 2009 dealings of 1MDB
  179. 2015-05-31, If there's any cover-up in 1MDB, we will know, says PAC's Nur Jazlan
  180. 2015-05-31, Low: Ensure TOLs are given to farmers through proper channels
  181. 2015-06-01, Report: Quit if you're not with me on 1MDB, PM tells Cabinet
  182. 2015-06-01, Sunway contributes RM123m for BRT line construction
  183. 2015-06-02, Dr M: I trust PAC over AG in 1MDB probe
  184. 2015-06-02, Malaysia Airlines workforce right-sizing to cost RM1.5bil: Khazanah
  185. 2015-06-02, MAS slashes 6,000 jobs
  186. 2015-06-02, Najib launches country's first BRT
  187. 2015-06-03, 80pc of enforcers manning borders on the take
  188. 2015-06-04, Bank Negara probes 1MDB, no special exception for 1MDB
  189. 2015-06-08, 1MDB Settles $975 Million Deutsche Bank-Led Syndicated Loan
  190. 2015-06-08, What you're denying is not what we allege, The Edge tells 1MDB
  191. 2015-06-09, MACC unearths dodgy navy spare parts deals
  192. 2015-06-09, Putrajaya must help 9 firms pay billions annually, says Najib
  193. 2015-06-10, 2 booted out of Dewan Rakyat for disrupting Muhyiddin's speech
  194. 2015-06-10, Amanah Raya chiefs kicked out over 1MDB
  195. 2015-06-10, Arul Kanda owns up to ministry slip-up on 1MDB funds
  196. 2015-06-10, Parliament: 1MDB 'appropriately' paid Goldman Sachs fees
  197. 2015-06-10, Shahidan: Permata's finances managed by civil service
  198. 2015-06-11, 1MDB probe in A-G's hands, police finished their part, says home minister
  199. 2015-06-11, EPF loaned RM25 billion to debt-ridden Pembinaan PFI
  200. 2015-06-13, 1MDB seeks proposals for Bandar Malaysia
  201. 2015-06-14, 1MDB issue over by year-end, Umno chiefs told
  202. 2015-06-15, Former Petronas president Shamsul likely to join Enra Group
  203. 2015-06-15, Malaysia's FGV defends Indonesia deal
  204. 2015-06-15, Time will tell in 1MDB case
  205. 2015-06-16, PAC: Conflict of interest found in payment for ERL project linking KLIA and klia2
  206. 2015-06-16, Putrajaya confirms support letter for 1MDB in EXIM Bank loan
  207. 2015-06-16, S'pore says TPP vital for US to be taken seriously in Asia
  208. 2015-06-17, KPMG, EY terminated from auditing 1MDB, auditors tell PAC
  209. 2015-06-18, Citing secrecy provisions, Putrajaya clams up over 1MDB loan query
  210. 2015-06-18, Dr M to 1MDB: Less talk, more proof
  211. 2015-06-18, Putrajaya has guaranteed debts of RM172 billion, says Najib
  212. 2015-06-19, 1MDB: Exim Bank loan used for energy business
  213. 2015-06-19, Four eye Edra Global
  214. 2015-06-19, Minister confirms power plant takeover from 1MDB
  215. 2015-06-20, Anifah lashes out at Mahathir in open letter to US daily
  216. 2015-06-23, Corrupt Malaysia money distorts Melbourne market
  217. 2015-06-23, Former PetroSaudi employee arrested in Thailand for allegedly leaking 1MDB information
  218. 2015-06-23, MARA chairman says will probe alleged involvement of officials in Melbourne property fraud
  219. 2015-06-23, Tenaga plans RM10b Sukuk after power plant buy
  220. 2015-06-24, Najib gave final okay for purchase of Melbourne property, says Mara chairman
  221. 2015-06-24, Thai police: Xavier Justo paid over RM15mil to leave PetroSaudi
  222. 2015-06-24, Weaker ringgit might raise TNB's cost for 1MDB's power plant
  223. 2015-06-25, Annuar: Inflated price and kickbacks outside of our knowledge
  224. 2015-06-25, Aussie Police Seize Computers, Files Over Allegations Of Mara Property Scam
  225. 2015-06-26, Mara Hands Documents Related To Melbourne Building Purchase Issue To MACC
  226. 2015-06-27, Property Purchase In Melbourne According To Procedures - Mohd Shafie
  227. 2015-06-29, Cops rule out CBT in Melbourne property deal
  228. 2015-06-29, 'Justo went silent for 18 months before striking'
  229. 2015-06-29, Parliament: No Proposal To Change 1MDB Board Members - Ahmad Husni
  230. 2015-06-29, Recent commercial 1MDB & IPIC transaction not guaranteed by Govt: 1MDB
  231. 2015-06-29, Sarawak Report wants cyber-sleuths to confirm reports Justo tweaked PetroSaudi docs
  232. 2015-06-29, TNB, Mitsui Get Addendum To Letter Of Award For 3B Project
  233. 2015-06-30, 1MDB to reduce debt by RM16bil on completion of IPIC deal
  234. 2015-06-30, KL-Padang Besar ETS Must Get Approval Of SPAD - Syed Hamid
  235. 2015-06-30, Only one bone of contention left in water deal: Azmin
  236. 2015-06-30, Project 3B plant operation date postponed
  237. 2015-06-30, Thai cops say foreign counterparts ‘welcome' to question ex-PetroSaudi director
  238. 2015-07-01, 1MDB land spurs interest
  239. 2015-07-02, 1MDB: Will PAC probe 'missing RM42bil'
  240. 2015-07-02, Final report on 1MDB done by year-end, A-G says
  241. 2015-07-02, Najib says 'depressed' by Tabung Haji-1MDB rumours
  242. 2015-07-02, PAC to question Auditor-General over initial findings on 1MDB
  243. 2015-07-06, TNB buys 1MDB's project 3B for RM47m

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