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  1. 20pc oil royalty will make Petronas bankrupt, 21-01-2013
  2. Anifah lashes out at Mahathir in open letter to US daily, 20-06-2015
  3. Audit of 1MDB not enough: Dr M, 14-03-2015
  4. 'Bottom 40' group to be uplifted to middle-class, 22-05-2015
  5. Chinese schools agree to 4-2-2 formula for Maths and Science, 25-12-2005
  6. Contributions towards EPF up 12pc to RM20b last year, 28-06-2003
  7. 'Daim told me to sell shares or lose business', 09-03-2006
  8. ERL keen to bid for KL-Singapore HSR project, 22-04-2013
  9. Esscom Commander post to be rotated from July, 11-06-2014
  10. Fuel Savings Won't Be Used To Bail Out MAS, 12-03-2006
  11. Gamuda maintains RM10.7b offer to take over water concession firms in Selangor, 06-12-2013
  12. Interest on student loans reduced to three per cent, 13-09-2003
  13. Khir claims made scapegoat by Najib's anti-graft fight, 02-06-2013
  14. KLIA to issue RM4bil Islamic bonds, 27-06-2003
  15. KLIA2 will mark growth in aviation: PM, 31-08-2010
  16. MAS slashes 6,000 jobs, 02-06-2015
  17. More Revenue From Oil, 19-06-2004
  18. No Harm In Sabah Asking More Oil Royalty: Anwar, 08-01-2005
  19. No political brainwashing: Najib, 04-01-2004
  20. Oil Royalty - State Govt Did Pursue Issue, 06-04-2010
  21. PKR - More Reason For Oil Royalty Review, 06-06-2008
  22. PM Wants Ports to Attract World Logistics Agents, 03-07-2004
  23. Project To Provide Sabah 'A Big Share Of Royalty', 16-02-2007
  24. RM1 Jump In Fuel Price, 05-06-2008
  25. RM21.3b Paid To Federal, State Govts, 01-07-2004
  26. Syed Mokhtar buys 60pc of Bakun dam project, 18-09-2003
  27. Tg Aru plan a blessing for Sabah: Chamber, 03-06-2014

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