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We need the help of the community to help us populate this information repository. Researchers, concerned citizens, columnists, bloggers and any other persons who are interested in this collaborative work may sign up as a contributor. Contributors must adhere to our objectives and agree to and follow our "Contributors guidelines". Training can be provided for the registered contributors. Care must be taken to ensure that only news worthy information is included so as not to diminish the usefulness of the information repository. Duplicates should also be avoided. Contributors' submissions will be moderated for quality control.

Typically, contributors will select or suggest one or more of the stories to be included in the repository. The contributors will then search the Web, news sources and news archives for news items and viewpoints for historical information on these stories. Relevant resources can then be submitted to this repository followed by adding the metadata required for mapping the information resources against the information architecture. For evolving stories, the contributors will be responsible for scanning the current news for information to be included in the repository.

Information from your private collections is also welcomed and they must be identified as such.

With sufficient contributors, we will have a comprehensive information repository of stories in a short time.

Download the Inside Malaysia Contributor's Guidelines here.

Prezi Presentation
A Prezi Presentation "Introducing Inside Malaysia" is available to help users understand the novel interface used and to introduce the information relationship management facilities available. New users are encouraged to view this presentation.

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