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Promoting Information Literacy

News reports are said to be a record of history as it happens. Unfortunately, an isolated news item may not be meaningful as the story may have evolved over a long period of time. To be meaningful, the reader must have access to all the available news and other information related to the story. These will however take a long time to read and digest. To make sense of these news items expediently, the readers need the ability to process the list of news items, e.g. to sort the news items based on the time line, view a list of the people and organizations involved in the story and to filter the news items based on these facets or pre-identified key information. Essentially, the information must be made more accessible, usable and exploitable.

The objective of Inside Malaysia is to address this information and information processing gap by providing a framework for the collaborative compilation and research of news items and other information on past and evolving stories related to the Malaysian economy, business activities and connected government policies and initiatives. The framework provides the facilities for the readers to view and process the related news items from multiple perspectives thereby promoting Information Literacy. We consider this a cornerstone of a knowledge society that promotes transparency and understanding.

Inside Malaysia is focused on the economy, business activities and related government policies and initiatives as these will directly impact the economic and social well being of the nation. The information to be included in Inside Malaysia will be published information from established news sources and other publications such as the Auditor General Report. Inside Malaysia seek to provide the platform for Malaysian to be able to learn from the success and failures of these activities and initiatives so that the country can transform into a progressive, developed and sustainable nation.

You can read more about Information Literacy in Wikipedia.

Prezi Presentation
A Prezi Presentation "Introducing Inside Malaysia" is available to help users understand the novel interface used and to introduce the information relationship management facilities available. New users are encouraged to view this presentation.

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