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  1. 11MP: At least two local varsities must make QS Top 100, says Putrajaya, 21-05-2015
  2. 11MP: City Competitiveness Master Plan for four major cities, 21-05-2015
  3. 1MDB already audited, no basis for PAC to start probe, chief says, 24-01-2015
  4. 1MDB defends Cayman funds, says isolated from ringgit slide, 22-12-2014
  5. 23 deaths since National Service started, 25-09-2013
  6. 30pc of shops in KLIA2 Bumiputera-owned, says operator, 18-06-2014
  7. Act On it, MACC, 06-11-2009
  8. After subsidy cuts, inflation rate spikes and likely to accelerate, 29-10-2013
  9. After TRX land row, Umno veep says international auditors should vet 1MDB's books, 09-05-2015
  10. A-G says 1MDB probe top priority, confirms interim report ready by June, 12-05-2015
  11. Anti-Corruption - Show Support For PKFZ Issue, 14-12-2009
  12. April 30 Set For Fuel Price Cap, 18-01-2010
  13. As debt numbers soar, analysts repeat calls for prudent spending, 10-08-2013
  14. Assessment rate hike to be limited for properties in Kuala Lumpur, 24-06-2014
  15. Attack on bloggers to undercut me, Dr M says, 05-02-2015
  16. Attacks against 1MDB largely due to ‘misunderstandings', new chief says, 07-01-2015
  17. Authorities differ on Selangor water supply, 21-06-2014
  18. Bank Negara does not foresee higher inflation from fuel price hike, 12-09-2013
  19. Barred from congress, president seeks apology, 17-05-2013
  20. Budget 2014: Railway initiatives to boost tourism, 26-10-2013
  21. Budget 2014: RM6b for agricultural programmes, 25-10-2013
  22. Bukit Bintang City Centre to have 50pc Bumi participation, 24-06-2014
  23. Call to quit over GST unfair, say Customs officers, 06-06-2014
  24. CBT trial of Nascom CEO postponed, 08-03-2005
  25. Censof ready to expand, 05-06-2013
  26. 'Charge owner in High Court', 27-05-2013
  27. Civil servants want PM to step in over BNM loan curbs, 11-09-2013
  28. CM: Reduce consumption or face hike in water tariffs, 02-07-2013
  29. Contract on Scorpene submarine maintenance yet to be signed, 23-03-2010
  30. Contractor negligence caused Penang ramp collapse, 06-07-2013
  31. Crony capitalism in Malaysia has to go, son of YTL founder says, 03-06-2014
  32. DAP: Healthcare costs to spike post-GST, 06-11-2013
  33. Decision on Liong Sik's PKFZ cheating trial set for Oct 25, 06-09-2013
  34. Defending Honda rebadging, minister says poor returns to build Proton Perdana from scratch, 04-11-2014
  35. Developer to face action, 23-05-2013
  36. Don't 'punish Malaysians' with GST, Pua tells Najib, 05-08-2013
  37. Dr M says has 'lost faith' due to corruption claims, 04-04-2015
  38. Dr M to 1MDB: Less talk, more proof, 18-06-2015
  39. Dr M: Learning English will spur BM's growth, 27-08-2013
  40. Dr M: US dangling trans-Pacific trade as 'bait' to colonise Malaysia, 26-08-2013
  41. Drop Awan Megah!, 10-01-2013
  42. EPF Computer Purchase Withdrawal Scheme: 12,000 in the lurch, 28-06-2002
  43. EPF says not offered to buy or invest in 1MDB's land, 12-05-2015
  44. Ex-admiral: Group manipulated Navy procurement system, 16-03-2015
  45. Ex-NFCorp consultant gets 73 years' jail for cheating, money-laundering, 18-05-2015
  46. Felcra directors paid themselves without ministry nod, PAC says, 03-11-2014
  47. FELDA's investment arm eyes long-term returns via hotels and investments, 04-10-2013
  48. Final report on 1MDB done by year-end, A-G says, 02-07-2015
  49. Finance Ministry: KWAP, EPF invested nearly RM3b in 1MDB, subsidiaries, 19-05-2015
  50. Find out reasons for PTPTN loan defaults, PKR tells Putrajaya, 22-08-2013
  51. Firms set to invest over RM1b in international halal industrial hubs in Iskandar Malaysia, 03-09-2013
  52. Friday decision on law firm disqualification in PKFZ case, 01-12-2010
  53. From Singapore water deal, Dr M paints lesson to avoid TPPA shackles, 25-07-2013
  54. FT: Steady Bursa in stormy economy reveals EPF's supporting role, 30-09-2013
  55. Get Your Facts Right on Pedestrian Bridge, 09-02-2011
  56. Gombak integrated transport hub axed, auto mag reports, 27-07-2013
  57. Government 'no option' but to raise power rates, PM says, 16-05-2014
  58. Govt overpaid TM by RM11.6m for 999 emergency line, says A-G, 01-10-2013
  59. GST may impact hospital bills, says KPJ, 22-04-2014
  60. House buyers welcome new Johor bill, 09-06-2014
  61. In Budget 2015, both the carrot and the stick, 11-10-2014
  62. In Jho Low, magazine sees link between 1MDB and Mid East funds, 25-08-2013
  63. Johor land grab lawsuit 'nothing to do with us', 14-05-2014
  64. Judge opts out of Rafizi's BAFIA case over family ties with ex-minister's husband, 15-05-2015
  65. Khazanah denies criminal element in late payment of credit card bills, 07-10-2013
  66. Khazanah under PAC spotlight for alleged failed ventures, 24-10-2013
  67. Kidex won't happen without local council nod, Selangor tells developer, 08-05-2014
  68. KLIA2 cost increase due to new ‘design concept', claims Transport Minister, 19-05-2015
  69. KL-Singapore rapid-rail link in former Sungai Besi airbase, 08-04-2014
  70. Lawyer: French court to consider Altantuya murder in Scorpene case, 13-08-2013
  71. Leaked documents show PM's approval required for all deals under 1MDB precursor, 26-05-2015
  72. Let the court decide, says PKFZ developer, 24-06-2009
  73. Let's talk, Lim tells Mukhriz, 02-07-2013
  74. Lim: No one is above law, 05-06-2013
  75. Loan Move Unfair, 22-02-2010
  76. MACC to plug project award loophole for ministers, families, 21-08-2013
  77. Malaysia to cooperate with India over Aircel-Maxis kickback claims, 11-09-2013
  78. MARA chairman says will probe alleged involvement of officials in Melbourne property fraud, 23-06-2015
  79. Ministry dismisses Selangor's proposal on water issue, 07-09-2010
  80. Ministry reveals Ranhill built Serdang Hospital, mum on falling ceilings, 18-12-2013
  81. Ministry won't object S'gor acquisition of Syabas, 31-01-2013
  82. MRT Corp: Possible delay to Bukit Bintang station but project on track, 29-08-2013
  83. Najib says 'depressed' by Tabung Haji-1MDB rumours, 02-07-2015
  84. Najib To Announce Fuel Hike Mechanism In May, 10-02-2010
  85. Nascom CEO gives his reply, 05-09-2003
  86. Nascom Directors Feared Hanky-Panky, 10-09-2003
  87. Nascom Scandal: Thorough probe takes time, say police, 11-09-2003
  88. New fuel subsidy plan will create black market, PKR MP warns Putrajaya, 03-06-2014
  89. NGOs want expressway to stay clear of forest reserve, 18-05-2014
  90. No GST on prepaid reloads but tax on usage, Putrajaya says, 13-05-2015
  91. No penalty until new rate announced, Putrajaya assures KL owners, 08-12-2013
  92. Once a pack leader, Malaysia now at risk of emerging market woes, 23-08-2013
  93. Ongkili: RM1.2b for 68 water supply projects nationwide, 22-11-2013
  94. PAC member: Independent KLIA2 audit inadequate, will not uncover cost overruns' ‘culprits', 12-12-2014
  95. PAC questions RM100m bill for 1km rail extension to KLIA2, 28-04-2014
  96. PAC starts own probe on 1MDB, says won't wait for federal audit, 11-05-2015
  97. PAC to recommend action against Petronas over contraband bikes fiasco, 24-10-2013
  98. PAC to submit NFC report to Parliament on Tuesday, 20-11-2013
  99. PAC wants graft probe on university's 'ailing' research vessel project, 27-10-2014
  100. Padang Besar development to accelerate Perlis' economic growth, says MB, 14-11-2013
  101. Pahang pipeline can start pumping water to Selangor by August, 22-05-2014
  102. Paramount duty to Selangor, not highway developers, MB told, 01-05-2014
  103. Penalise contractor over delay in KK airport upgrade, Putrajaya told, 28-10-2014
  104. Penang Port claims bleeding millions while in limbo over privatisation deal, 06-11-2013
  105. Penang warns 1MDB of tough road to approval for Air Itam project, 04-11-2014
  106. Penans protest as Sarawak dam begins to fill, 24-09-2013
  107. Petronas assures safety at Sabah-Sarawak gas pipeline, 12-06-2014
  108. Petronas profit dips, 06-06-2013
  109. Petronas signs contract for Pengerang raw water supply project, 02-05-2014
  110. Phone prepaid cards revert to old prices from May, says Ahmad Maslan, 03-04-2015
  111. PKFZ case: Liong Sik acquitted of cheating charges, 25-10-2013
  112. PM's Department told to come clean on ad spending, 21-08-2013
  113. Power tariff up 15pc from January 1, 02-12-2013
  114. Prasarana defends RM14m KL bridge over hazard claims, 23-08-2013
  115. Property tax hike suspended indefinitely, feedback deadline pushed to March, 27-11-2013
  116. Protesters fear GST proceeds will be swallowed by corruption, say analysts, 05-05-2014
  117. Putrajaya confirms support letter for 1MDB in EXIM Bank loan, 16-06-2015
  118. Putrajaya defends Kidex as concession expiry looms, 07-11-2014
  119. Putrajaya gives assurance PTPTN defaulters will not be 'victimised', 20-08-2013
  120. Putrajaya spent millions on BR1M insurance for naught, MP claims, 27-10-2014
  121. Putrajaya spent RM7.2b, or RM4m a day, on private consultants, Parliament told, 13-11-2013
  122. Putrajaya to rid bureaucracy of ‘extortionists', minister says, 23-09-2013
  123. Putrajaya, MACC mulling ban on ministers, top officers from government deals, 23-07-2013
  124. Rafizi admits Zahid had no role in Boustead land swap, 21-08-2013
  125. Reader raps police for slow response to complaints, 10-09-2003
  126. Report: Quit if you're not with me on 1MDB, PM tells Cabinet, 01-06-2015
  127. RON95, diesel and sundry goods exempted from GST, 10-10-2014
  128. Safety concerns rise as mishaps grow at LRT sites, 20-08-2013
  129. Sarawak Report wants cyber-sleuths to confirm reports Justo tweaked PetroSaudi docs, 29-06-2015
  130. Selangor says water reserves can last six months, 17-05-2014
  131. Senators pass 2014 GST Tax Bill, 06-05-2014
  132. Sharizat says ready to face NFC allegations, 04-02-2012
  133. Siemens consortium wins Petronas contract to build co-generation plant, 17-05-2014
  134. SME Bank: Budget 2014 SME-friendly, inclusive, 26-10-2013
  135. Special scheme won't undermine EPF, says Najib, 03-02-2012
  136. Still no refund from Nascom, 09-09-2003
  137. Still no takers for failed NFC project, Putrajaya reveals, 23-10-2013
  138. Student Body Against Slash of Study Loan, 23-02-2010
  139. Sunway contributes RM123m for BRT line construction, 01-06-2015
  140. Syabas says can't pay creditors or replace pipes, despite big bonus for boss, 19-08-2013
  141. Thai cops say foreign counterparts ‘welcome' to question ex-PetroSaudi director, 30-06-2015
  142. Third ceiling collapse at Serdang Hospital, 30-09-2013
  143. Throw away assessment hike notices, says Ku Nan, 30-11-2013
  144. TI-M lauds MACC for latest arrest of former CEO for bribery, 24-10-2013
  145. TNB, Putrajaya's justification on tariff hike 'simplistic', says Rafizi, 20-12-2013
  146. To protect workers, Putrajaya agrees to keep service charge, 22-04-2015
  147. Transport master plan launched, 26-03-2013
  148. Trial of Nascom boss postponed, 08-12-2005
  149. Tycoon linked to firm in Bukit Relau case, 03-06-2013
  150. Under pressure, DBKL cuts property rates by 1 to 4 percentage points, 19-12-2013
  151. Water thieves flush RM156,000 down the drain, 16-05-2014
  152. 'What for?' Rafidah Aziz asks of GST ad blitz, 11-05-2014
  153. What you're denying is not what we allege, The Edge tells 1MDB, 08-06-2015
  154. Witness: NFCorp chairman, his children have been company directors since 2006, 23-06-2014
  155. YTL pulls the plug on role in RM3b Johor power plant project, 18-06-2014

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